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  • Well, I appreciate your thoughts, but I could never become a Caps fan... a rivalry continues, even after death! If I can forgive the NHL enough to become a fan again, I'll probably be a combination Bruins-Jets-Devils-Predators fan. As far as Atlanta's future as a sports town goes, it's something only time can tell! The Thrashers were the only team from Atlanta that I liked (I'm all Boston other than for hockey)... but I don't think that towns without professional teams in all four major sports can really call themselves true sports towns.
    Thanks a lot for this post; your sympathy is much appreciated. Seriously, it's horribly sad, like a death in the family. One of the worst parts of it is that even when the team was bad (in other words, almost always), there was always hope for the future. Now there's nothing. The reason that we're the ones being sacrificed to Canada is because of $60,000,000 that, the league claims, they couldn't find an owner willing to keep the team here. I don't honestly know if I really believe that, as a couple of potential buyers say that the owners did not do due diligence in bargaining with them...

    Seeing as how the team is leaving town, as well as ditching our name, logos, and colors, they just won't be the same team. Thus, I will follow them, but I won't really be a fan. It just wouldn't be the same.

    Thanks again, though, for the sympathetic post, as this whole situation really does hurt.
    thank u for looking at my page hope u and i will become friends.
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