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    i corrected a small point of spelling. i hope that helps your understanding.. (smile)
    Hey, Fire, Happy New Year to you!! Got a question for you, are you able to access the story forum?
    Hey there, I really enjoy your posts there always right to the point. I was wondering if perhaps you'd like to be friends?
    i know that he just posted, but please don't smack him again.... pretty please.... with sugar on it...
    Hey man I'm kinda new to this site, but I really like your writing. Wanna be friends?
    I love theme park and rollar coasters....Politics....blah...they annoy me...politicians in general I hate, but I love to talk about them LOL
    well idk lol, Im sure we can find something in common, what are some of your hobbies? I like sports, music, some movies, politics(boring I know lol), umm current events, I like helping people, idk what are some of your interests?
    OK, I haven't listened to them.
    Props for your signature. The National is the greatest indie band I've ever heard.
    You don't know me but I felt obliged to tell you how awesome your avatar is. My friends and I have become addicted to My Little Pony and are actually running a rpg based off the show (one of our members killed Celestia and is now queen -_-' Unfortunately he (she) is the most ungraceful pony ever)
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