woot! ok really I am shy due a speech problem... though I think I am anti-social in nature.

Biking, Swiming, TV, Movies and of course plush animals.
Stockton, California
Adult Baby, Diaper Lover
Straight, Asexual
unmotivated slacker/ professional still live at home doing much of nothing.
Favourite diaper
Bambinos/Abena X-plus/ Dry 24/7
Personal Space
Well I guess I'll leave this space for my Adult toddler life.

I got 4 plushies, 3 dogs and a extremely soft Winnie The pooh bear I picked up at Disneyland in 2007.

The first dog I got was from when I was around 5 given to me by my mom. Its lightly brown and pretty scruffy, his name is Scruffy guess why. Oddly enough me and him both been in diapers. My sister thought he would look cute in a diaper when we were about 8 or 9 while staying at our aunts for a few months. I hate him being forced into a diaper so I always ripped it off.

My next dog I won at circus circus in Reno when I was 15. Hes a St. Bernard and by far my largest stuffed dog his name is Bruno. He gets cuddled the most, I can barely sleep with out him.

my last dog I got was my 20th Birthday gift from my older AB/Furry "brother". Hes a Alaskan Husky Puppy White/Gray fur pure light blue eyes all in all EXTREMELY cute and the perfect sleeping buddy for the fall/winter. His name is Polar (took a long time to come up with that one.)


"And who knows, how this feeling grows, was it truly worth, truly worth the starting"- Catch & Release- Silversun Pickups