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    Be happy ForeverSmall, be happy. I do think now that having this AB side is something good and permanent. Nice + .
    Congratulations FS, a hard won double-plus...nice!
    Hey ForeverSmall, how are you? :)

    I got a new dolly the other day, I really love her soooo much. She's so pretty. Have you gotten any new toys recently!? :D
    Don't worry, it happens. Though usually if you want people to see your responses you should go post on their wall. :D
    just realized that this messages/wall thing existed... :)
    Sorry for not acknowledging anyone... I am lame.
    Whatup ForeverSmall!

    I'm looking for the new Spiderman GoodNites here in south FL also.... so far none around here...
    Hey, just saw you in the chat, sorry no one said Hello, I was on a different server when you came in, and there is use of language, but if you'd like come back into the chat and I'd be happy to greet you :)
    The Reindeer Puppy says:
    you have been here for 2 years and only one person replies to you.. and you have no friends.. ill be your friend!
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