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  • its all good, it is a busy time anyways (School and otherwise). Thats good they are doing well.

    I've been alright here, finally getting over a cold, and enjoying no school for awhile xD. How have you been?
    hey there, hows it going with the turtles?

    Thought i was one of the Red Ear Sliders this weekend, looked a bit bigger then the picture one but had the stripes xD
    ahh interesting, so it should be a red stripe turtle? :p. Oo nice! what do they look like? (know nothing about turtles xD)
    not too much, just have been really busy in school. I am on the school's journalism staff, and i've received some national honor for a newspaper article i've done. and i'm into politics and history a lot more than i used to be (if you cant tell from my most recent started thread... XD )

    what about you?
    well thats good! *hug* I don't think so (and if you did, my memory is too terrible to remember :p)
    Hey, you see how often i am online :p i dont really get on here at all, but i never see you on msn or anything, so i just thought i'd say hi ^^
    Ahh damn :/, never heard of the play (have to look it up later) what were the lead roles?

    Wouldn't be surprised if your teacher did, imo it seems H.S. teachers always play favorites :/
    It's going good. :)

    The classes are small and the teacher I have for my Medical Termenology and Pharmacy Calculations classes is really nice.
    thats good! really? thats awesome!! what play is it and what part do you want?

    I hope you make it as well
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