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  • I love your avatar. Tough from personal experience, when Firefox crashes its usually the fault of Flash or PDF reader, not Windows (it crashes as often, if not more on Linux).
    look I'm just a slow learner I have amplest a lout in life in the 2 years out of school I just having a hard time learning how to spell as i said time and time again I'm getting help for it why is no one getting that you all ate like I'm sup st to git it over night
    first off I'm 21 and out of school with a diploma by the Way.dyslexics is not my only probable I am ADHD and i have a IQ of 72 if you don't know what that means I'm borderline retarded and no that don't mean I'm stooped it just meen i learn slower than the roast of you I deedint whunted to tall you pepol becus i didint think i needed.
    I get mine from they make great quality sleepers and right now is the best possible time to buy them since it's summer. If you wait till winter expect to pay twice as much.
    You say you have footsie pajamas? Where can I get some, I've always wanted some!
    Well I do enjoy war related movies so I think there is a good posibility I will enjoy it! I'll let you know how it turns out..
    I cheated, I googled. I have never seen that movie anyway.. I'll have to watch it, the quote is so intriguing ;)
    Just wanted to say LOVE your signature/quote! You are the first person I have met that has seen that AWESOME movie!
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