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    President Obambush's radical illegal executive action

    Obama sounds exactly like bush
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    17 year old arrested in child porn sting, enrolled as 12 year old and wore diapers to the school.

    Child porn case that IMHO highly likely involves AB/DLism. General info on the suspects names, ages, etc. This second link details the whole diaper angle. At least read 1, 2 and 3. Affidavit going into details of what happened.
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    Free, somewhat formula.

    Pediasure has a new powder mix. You mix it into regular milk or into smoothies, whatever you want really. Anyways over on slickdeals I found the website has a mail in rebate for up to 15.99 for a canister of 10 servings. rebate for pediasure powder mix, free after mail in rebate I've heard...
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    Target now carries nuk 5's.

    To commemorate selling therapeutic trainers (adult pacifiers) they are 50% off and as such are 13.99. They are or will be located in the health supply section. April fools.
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    Bambino responds about issues with my Bellisimo case

    Just received this e-mail from bambino customer support. Hello name removed, yes we have receive your e-mails and with the help of your photographs have discussed the problem with the manufacture who just returned from their Chinese New Years vacation. The higher placement of the tape tabs...
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    Dont Dead Open Inside

    Yeah they really messed up writing that on the hospital door in the walking dead huh? Well anyways according to io9 there's official Walking Dead Footed Sleepers Walking Dead Footed Sleepers!
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    Got my case of bambinos

    Ignore how I apparently time traveled or how retarded I am case unboxing/unwrapping
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    What 1 billion dollars looks like PERSPECTIVE!
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    "Grow Up Already" short film

    Someone on the abdl subreddit found the movie on viemo or posted it there.
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    How stupid was Ted Cruz's Fillbuster?

    This topic is NOT to make light of Ted Cruz and his useless "fillibuster" that solved nothing and locked up the senate from taking up any meaningful action they might have for those 21 hours and 18 mins. So, what are your thoughts on it?
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    California man whose dog was killed by cops faces up to five years in prison

    California man whose dog was killed by cops faces up to five years in prison This guy is a really good dog owner and a stand up citizen. intentional harassing police at a active crime scene, not securing his dog when he knew he was getting arrested. Now he tried to intimidate some one to not...
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    Want to see a dumb idea? Yeah, that's one of the worst Ideas I have ever seen. Novel idea, too bad he has *zero* clue on how phones work.
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    Cookie Clicker

    Cookie Clicker Click the cookie, buy upgrades to get cookies per second. Goal? Get as much cookies/cookies per second as you can.
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    This guy again, seriously?

    Diaper fetishist strikes again. Tried to con 3 more caregivers. And I thought "Well, he won't try that again at least" I was wrong.
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    Well I felt this was stupid even if it worked (for now)

    Since Tuesday July 30th I've been tempted to ask my dad if he wouldn't mind paying for diapers. The last time I had any Adult sized ones was days before Christmas when I used the last two of my Bellismo's that my online older brother (not related) order for me back in may 2012 as a gift (2...