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  • Hi there,

    I got rid of the white box around your avatar image:

    Hey, thanks man. That really means a lot. I've been going to Christian schools my whole life (I'm a Senior in HS right now) So I do know A LOT about the bible/Christianity. I do try not to shove it in everyone else's face tho, as that is the worst kind of witnessing. Plus this site is full of extremely liberal people that don't like what God has to say about many of their lifestyle choices, but preaching against it in this site to those who don't have a faith is only harmful.

    If you have ANYTHING (religious/non-religious alike) you want to talk about, just message me. I'd prefer PM over VM, just cuz I'm not a huge fan of people being able to read in on 1 on 1 conversations.
    *Takes the cake given by Pojo, destroys it with pyrokinesis and leaves you to grieve*

    Hope the rest of the goes better man.
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