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  • ah cool man, how many weeks you got off??

    So weird at the gym, there's a new kid who works there and he looks so much like you it's scary :s
    Yea im good mate... busy with work etc lately and the gym so mentally and physically tired constantly! haha
    Wow half a year in and still not, good on you for waiting though buddy :) School etc going OK? Think last time we spoke properly, most of your friends had just left school or something and you were kinda down about it :\
    aww :D Good to hear man, 6 months have flown by... you "lost it" i take it :p haha
    Nice! I graduated by the grace of god and the skin of my teeth if you were to look at my grades haha. I tried for a while during middle school when we had to get a certain GPA to go on a field trip but after that I didn't have an immediate incentive and kinda stopped caring. My grades hit the bare minimum ever since, but I always did well on test scores.
    glad to see midterms haven't been buggin you too much. All this stuff goin' on has me really on edge and regimented lately so i'm definitely needing that break Sunday.
    I've been swamped through most of the week lately (which is why I haven't been on much) so idk if we're gonna catch each other unless it's really late at night (not a good idea with your midterms) or early in the morning (not a good idea with school lol) and I have a gig with my band this friday plus a boy scout event to go to most of saturday. I'm a bit loathe to set up an actual time and day cuz i sorta bailed on you last time, but either late sat night or sometime sunday would be best.
    this different timezone thing sucks doesn't it? lol I missed ya again today =/ maybe this weekend when I can free up my schedule I can actually be on the computer for a long enough time to catch you.
    And again I missed going on Adisc for a while so probably missed you. Tomorrow I'll be sorta busy but if around 3-6pm pst you're on then I'll chat for a while.
    Can't complain, life is pretty good at the moment. And yeah I've been meaning to catch up again, but I never see you on AIM at all =P figured I had to come bug you on here first
    hey yo! how's it going? haven't talked n a while (mostly cuz I've been neglecting Adisc a bit) but with the holidays here I wanted to come back on and see what's up
    are you going to rp or not and make sure you are subscribed to all the threads
    Hi Riley, you need to post ((jjjjjjj)) comments in the thread titled OCC now not in the main rp
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