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  • just wanted to say HEY!
    I need to get ahold of my friend Mike from RI
    (he is the one that got his GF to be a AB!)
    Hope your having fun today
    - Will :)
    Hey there dude :D I'm baaaaaaaak! How are you?
    Lol, you're dumb. You can't skip saurfang.
    O great now the NSA,CIA, NCIS, FBI and Bob will be after you :) thanks though for getting some pics for me. I will PM you my email address.
    Oh man, Ya if you wouldn't mind getting a few pics of the old gals, I'd appreciate it. I will pm you with my e-mail address when your ready for it.
    The writers of Chowder haven't per se, but I haven't seen a new episode of Chowder in a long time. I am pretty sure that the show will be cancelled in a couple of months (there are probably two shows left) and I started to watch Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends so that is that.
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