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  • Whatup!

    Hey thanks for your nice comments and for reading my story. BTW, I'm a huge Kamelot fan, they rock! P.S. Adam likes them too! lol ;)
    Hey I just saw your post from February. Sorry I didn't response sooner. I've been taking a hiatus. I am studying to get my Master in Teaching. It is tough, lots of writing (got like 10 pages to write tonight), but enjoyable. I love workin with the crazy middle schoolers. I'm sure you remember how that time of life was. Never boring :).
    Hey there, welcome to CubAffinity. Hopefully we'll have some nice things going and we'll be closer to making the real CubAffinity an ummmm... Reality.

    your SN is kool!
    Anyway happy the Yankees made the World Series, its been a long time (6 years ago) since they been in it!
    Darn NY Giants lost today to a medicoker team, grrrr Hows was your weekend?
    just enjoying the weather and working hard!
    I think I'm due for @ least a week vacation!
    Good luck on your exams! Hope you ace all of them!
    ~ Will =)
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