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  • I would love to chat with you more. You ever get on FluffyWaddles? It's one of my favorite sites. You should clean out your inbox here, as well. Hope to hear back from you.
    Hi, love the Marci badge, really cute! I notice that your guy has an Eiore plushy. I've got Little Roo. Are you on Fur Affinty or FluffyWaddles?
    It is a pretty big jump, but I've decided Social Work isn't enough of a challenge for me. Currently I have a very high GPA, so I'll be able to get into anything I want at the end of the year. Can't wait! ^__^

    I've been seeing a lot more people since I got my drivers licence (I am being careful, don't worry). A friend introduced me to a babyfur, who happened to go to the same university as me. We started hanging out, maybe two or three months ago... He's so awesome, him and his boyfriend took me along to a Fur meet. Apparently it was an annual thing, because there was like 100 people. I'm kinda shy, so I sorta just stood there (I don't really like social gatherings), but still, it was awesome :3

    Oh yes, and I'm a babyfur now... If you didn't already notice... Well actually I have been for a long time, but... yeah
    Haven't spoke to you in a long while, how are things? I've been pretty busy at university. In my second semester now; social work is alright, but I've decided on doing something else next year. I'll be transferring into Biomedical Science which should be fun.
    xYeah, really nervous I guess. But I excited aswell. I'm going to be studying social work and next year if I manage to get good enough results I'm gonna and try to get into Behavioral science. Fun stuff.
    Thanks, mine wasn't too bad either. Not the most exciting Christmas ever but it was alright. I slept in for the first time ever on Christmas day, waking up at 10 am.

    Family came over and we had a party, not as big as previous years but it was still awesome anyway. I got plenty of cool things, including a Satellite Navigator for my car, some music albums and Family Guy Season 10. As well as lots of chocolates and lollies.

    Hmm, I also just realized I have about 6 weeks till I start at university (I got my results from my finals back 2 weeks ago).
    (Read the message below this one first)

    I haven't done anything so far on my break which is pretty disappointing, but I guess if I didn't have that problem with my leg I would have been able to do more. Here in Australia theres a school leaving event called 'Schoolies' which I wasn't able to attend, because of my leg. Kinda depressing. But I guess its all for the best. Now I'm just beginning to be able to drive again and I still haven't gotten my proper licence; which I'm now rushing to get. So yeah, not much.

    What have you been up to over the past month?
    Ah I'm really sorry that I didn't reply to your 4 week old message :s

    I am off crutches now and school is over. Not going to be having a gap year and my parents are forcing me to get a job ASAP. So I'll be going to university starting at the end of February next year. I'll be studying behavioral science/ social work and hopefully in the future becoming a psychologist. I might have told you that I was going to do pharmacy but I found something that I'd really like to do now so its going to be awesome! :)

    Ahh yes the game, well its an old game that all my friends used to play before we were pressured by work; RuneScape :p
    Yeah don't laugh if you've heard of it or maybe I'll try to recruit you.. haha. ;)
    *tugs on tail*
    Get your muzzle outa da book! Long time, no talk!
    hehe just checking in, whatsup with your fuzzy butt?
    I'm alright. Had surgery on my leg on Wednesday last week, it all went well so hopefully I'll be off crutches soon. I found out what actually happened to my leg (I still have no idea how it happened when I did it), basically I dislocated my kneecap and in the process of doing that I knocked part of the top my knee-joint's bone off. Had to get that removed; turns out it was about 1.5cm in length. Owch.

    I'm almost finished school, only 2 weeks left. Tomorrow is my last day of classes ever. Can't wait till its over, I'll be sad though.
    I've got about 4 months break until I start university, so far no plans yet. Might go diving a few times or something; all my friends from school have started playing this game again so I'll probably be playing with them, not 24/7 ;P

    What have you been up to?
    Hah, yeah. Everyone is making fun of me now, but it makes sense considering how I landed my jump but I can't really explain it here in much detail. I don't think anyone is ever going to forget what happened. :p
    First time drinking.. well properly, my parents have given me small amounts of alcohol before but that was the first time where I actually drank. I'm not really the sort of guy who goes out to many parties, the sort where there's masses of people who you don't know.
    Went to the hospital the following day to get x-rays, they didn't show much but I went for an MRI the following day.
    Turns out I knocked at chunk of bone out of the inner side of my knee join (under the knee-cap), so I'm going to have to have surgery to get it removed.

    I can't walk at the moment and I'm on constant painkillers. It sucks :(
    Bad news, found out I have to have surgery on my knee. Now I'll tell you what happened.
    At my Year 12 Formal After-party I'd been drinking (first time ever), yeah not good at all.
    I told my friend I wanted to try dancing, the music was pretty awesome, so we went and did it. I was dancing for a while, like 15-20mins or something.
    Anyway, I jumped in the air and I think I landed on an odd angle or something and heard a snap. That's when I dropped to the floor in agony, someone had to carry me out because I couldn't walk. I then left the party because there wasn't much point hanging round.
    Probably going to uni straight away. I was thinking of a gap year, but my parents are being ehhhh...
    Sorry I took ages to reply.

    I hurt my leg at my formal after-party, and can no longer walk. I might have to have surgery, its pretty bad :(
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