You ABDL orientation?

Your ABDL side orientated?

  • Baby

    Votes: 33 33.0%
  • Kids

    Votes: 22 22.0%
  • Love diapers

    Votes: 41 41.0%
  • Incontinence

    Votes: 4 4.0%

  • Total voters
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What do you ABDL side orientated?

A Baby:
For them who's really be a baby again, using babyish stuffs, sleep in crib, and drink from bottles.

A Kids:

For them who's just want to be a kids without babyish things, around age 4-10.

Love diapers:

Just have a desire to wear diapers, but not to be a baby or kiddie.

Because incontinence:
For them was suffer an incontinence urination problem so must to wear diapers, not to be a baby, kids, nor love the diapers.

I will appreciate all responds.
I'm a kid. I'm very much not a silly slobber machine babypants or grown up cootiehead.
gigglemuffinz said:
I'm a kid. I'm very much not a silly slobber machine babypants or grown up cootiehead.

Thank you for the respond.
I'm incontinent and kid :)
I like being a 2 year old
Well I'm not incontinent but I don't fit strictly into either of the three other categories either as I constantly fluctuate.
I am a diaper lover but I would like to be a daddy or a baby, depending the role that my partner would take, but it won't be soon as I am single right now :p
I'm a diaper lover, who eventually become a little.

It's a very good stress reliever.
I'm around the ages of 4, and I love my paci and diapers, no taking them away, I'll snatch them right back >.< hehe
None of the above.

I started out as a DL, got untrained (IC), and am developing a little side.
None really fit. I'm not interested in being a baby and I don't regress as many ABs describe it. However, I do like baby things (clothes, accessories, furniture, etc.) as well as a fair range of things for kids. Diapers are neat in and of themselves as but it's more than just that. I don't see a very clear divisionin my own experience between AB and DL. I recognize it can be stark for others but for me, it's most accurate to think of it as one thing: ABDL.
Just been a DL my whole life. I just crave wearing a diaper sometimes (...really often) but usually binge my way into bigkidsmanship again. Its hard to focus on life when im diapered. I suppose if i were to open up and be accepted by my significant acquaintances it might be more casual and develop into a more Little roleplay but sofar, just the diapers.... And im fresh out... Blast!! D:
I'm all DL on the outside, but fantasize being a bit of an AB on the inside. Given that, as a 24/7 (mostly) DL, I straddle both worlds, the normal, and the diaper wearer's world. I wear all the time, but use facilities about half the time, thereby extending my diapers (overnight pullups) over a longer period of time, wet or dry. It's not perfect, but it's a balance I can live with, that gives me the comfort of wearing, the convenience of using, and the advantage of fitting into the norms of society.
I'm a mix of AK and DL
I don't answer because none of the choices really fit or to be more accurate, several of the choices apply.

In general I like diapers and baby items but I don't really regress. I also like more kid oriented things.
Given I share this site with my fiance I'll say that she leans towards vanilla but is very open minded, and I am an AB.
I read this poll as being a "choose the best answer from what's available" question, but data from Bittergrey's surveys and elsewhere say that the overwhelming majority of the community is both AB and DL, rather than just one option.
I'm a kid who like some baby things (paci and soft toys) and I'm incontinent but I don't wear diapers I prefer to take a med.
I associate with a 3-4 year old, there are days when I feel a bit younger but to me being a full on baby is a little too restrictive. Although I think I would love to sleep in a crib, I just like confined spaces, they are cozy.
Hard to say. I'm somewhat of both an AB and an AK. There are certain baby aspects and treatments I really like, while there are certain AK things that I like, and I'm big on diapers all around, so it's hard to say. I tend to just identify as ABDL.
Simply a DL. Have been one since I was around 13 years old and now Im 39. Never really cared for acting like a baby or toddler.
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