What's your favorite (non-alcoholic) drink?

What's your favorite drink?

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Mine is Tang :D
Sorry to be boring - but I just love drinking water :)
Probably grapefruit juice which isn't listed. My second, probably between either coka-cola, root-beer and dr.pepper, like those three pretty equally.
Red red wine! Oh, not a choice. I drink coffee black, ice tea no sugar or lemon & water during the day.
No booze eh then that only leaves me Espresso.

I do enjoy Soda Water with citrus though.
Mountain Dew.
Chocolate milk, hot. Runner up warm milk.
Finally got to vote (dratted phone doesn't do polls) but I forgot I like those protein shakes too (whey) especially chocolate with a shot of espresso and salted caramel flavour... They can be like a smoothie. :eek:
A local favorite SunDrop sun-drop.jpg
Pepsi, chocolate milk and V as my energy drink
My favorite drink during the daytime is coffee, but at night I drink a 50/50 combination of cranberry juice and ginger ale.
While I love some ice cold water, my drink of choice is coke, or generally any cola.
coffee and tea
I drink lots of water ....

filtered thru coffee grinds ....

I drink coffee ....

I drink lots of coffee.

Khaymen said:
A local favorite SunDrop View attachment 26507

My wife loves SunDrop, but it makes her super hyper so she doesn't drink it.

My favorite drink is Sweet Iced Tea.

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I like Sprite and root beer.
I love soda. Particularly Mountain Dew. I could never give it up. It's my nicotine. I love it too much.

I'm also a big tea drinker. I enjoy drinking that in the mornings.
I've quit soda to be healthier, so instead I drink mostly coffee, water and tea.
I love hot chocolate in the winter time and apple juice all 365 days a year :smile1:
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