What it means to be little

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Hello everyone,

1)What does it mean to be little?
2)What is wanted when in that space?
3)What is the importance of diapers?
4)(For the responder) Please pick apart my response and help me figure out what if anything is missing or point out parts I could expand on Thank you!

Before I begin I want to state two things firstly please treat this as a mature topic and thus treat it with respect I would have put it in the mature topics but I feel this part of the forums gets better traffic and also that the the present subject matter is better suited to this section. Secondly please try to offer the deepest and most thoughtful feedback possible as I'm trying to write out all my thoughts so I can provide a more definitive answer for someone in my life regarding the questions above. My intent is to help her more fully understand what I need when I am little and what it means to me. Ultimately I want to grow her understanding of it because I have been regularly told by her that she just doesn't get it and that it makes her uncomfortable, but she still wants to understand it. Which I completely understand. Regardless of this though she does still try to understand and I've yet to successfully convey full understanding.
As a final thought before I begin please help me consider the question of whether or not I should bring these questions to a therapist or a psychologist? Do you feel someone in that field would be better in helping me reach an answer that can hopefully explain it all better to the person in question?

1) When considering what it means to be little the first method of approach that always comes to mind is to simply list out the components of being little for me personally and boil it all down to one key linking element. So for me things that make me feel little are stuffed animals, diapers, pacifiers or having a pacifier put in my mouth, having my little side brought up, being reminded I'm wearing a diaper, being tickled to an extreme extent, lastly being cuddled or kissed gently. Being little for me means I can be vulnerable and I can trust the person I'm expressing this side to. It also serves as an expression of trust. If I express my little side to someone I trust them and I can think of no other way to truly show it.
2)The core thing I want when in little space is some form of physical affection. Plushies or stuffed animals when given warmly or placed into my arms makes me feel considered as if the person giving it wanted me to have some company. Each of the other elements, being tickled, diapered, cuddled, having a pacifier put in my mouth ect. Each of these things share a common element physicality. They are all different ways which provide me with a sense of attention and tentativeness. Being cuddled/kissed or having a diaper put on me or a pacifier put in my mouth are all things I enjoy when being little and are all things I want. Equally so they are all things that in some way make me drop into little space and make me feel little. They let me know I'm cared for and that the person I'm with is receptive and willing to allow me to be little even if just for a time. The most important part for me by far is the physical affection when I am in a little head space I want to be cuddled and I want to cuddle. I want to go for walks and be able to be more expressive. I want to walk about with a plushie and be diapered. I do like to wet them, but I do not have to just simply the act of wearing them and the act of being put in them makes me feel small and allows me to decompress. Ultimately being little for me is stress relief and a method with which I can more deeply feel emotionally expressive. When I'm little space I do feel more vulnerable, but equally so I feel more able to let down my guard and express my heart and feelings better. All the psychical elements of being little for me as well as all the verbal triggers all let me feel closer to the person doing them and if I can express myself as a little back to them it is very connecting and comforting.
3)The last piece is diapers. I give them their own question primarily because they are a multi-faceted thing. When in non sexual little space they serve as a comfort and an important component of the experience. They are an object of comfort and security. Being reminded of them makes me feel small and little. Now when they are drawn into more sexual scenario's they serve as a serious turn on and they are one thing that can very easily get me excited. They make the whole experience more thrilling and they allow me to draw in little play to some degree. It makes me feel relaxed, but there is something about the taboo of it all and acting little that makes everything a little more exciting. It is not necessary, but it is very nice when it is included in the experience.
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