need help

  1. V

    Sissy struggling and need help to move on

    Hi everyone! Long story short I've been for many many years puting on panties from time to time and got very excited but later years Ive been buying bras and girl cloth and really enjoying dressing as a girl and dreaming about sucking a cock. Actually after watching a lot of sissy porn I have...
  2. M

    Need help recreating a logo

    Okay I'm not sure if this would be appropriate to ask or not. But is their anyone that knows any good software to make jpeg logos into HQ logos to download for windows 10? I hate to ask for requests (because I'm assuming I'm not allowed to on ADISC when it comes to that) but I'm trying to...
  3. kashi

    What it means to be little

    Hello everyone, Questions: 1)What does it mean to be little? 2)What is wanted when in that space? 3)What is the importance of diapers? 4)(For the responder) Please pick apart my response and help me figure out what if anything is missing or point out parts I could expand on Thank you...
  4. MamatoLbP


    Greetings, and hello to everybody out there in adisc land. My name is Mama Row, I have a beautiful little boy that I call my LbP. I am currently 31 years old. We are both relatively new to the adult baby/Mama life. My beautiful little boy has trusted me and only ever me to know and be a part...
  5. SillySwampert


    I have put myself into a bit of a tight spot, and it all has to do with purchasing diapers online. So, here are the facts. THE MISSION: Purchase AB Cushies and have them shipped to me before the 20% sale goes THE PROBLEMS: I live outside of the US, I live with my father and I attend uni for...
  6. L

    Need serious help

    :(Hi I just signed up Im 11 yrs old and My name is private so just call me Lost or Nove. Anyway Ever sence i was like uhmm.. Ever sence i was five or four cant remeber I wanted to wear or try on a diaper I dont wanna be treated like a baby really but anyway.. I dream almost every night about...