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  • Unfortunately I haven't tried out Okami or Skyrim, although I do have a Steam Profile. I use it to mostly play Monkey Island 2: Special Edition, and Sonic Generations.
    My life's been okay, not too much stuff out of the ordinary. Go to work, and when I can go to the Columbia Gorge, kinda boring I guess. :D

    When it comes to games I'm mostly a Nintendo Guy. Generally I tend to enjoy Platformers , Adventure Games, and Role-Playing Games most. Sometimes I'll play games by Sega or Adventure Games from Lucas Arts :)
    Hi, sorry to drop by unannounced. But I was reading your thread on "Toxic" which I found to be very insightful and intriguing.

    I couldn't help but notice that among your interests are Gaming, Hiking in the Outdoors, and Reading, I was wondering what sorts of games, and books you enjoy most?
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