What is your favorite piece of AB clothing that you own?

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There are a lot of companies that tailor to ABDLs and offer various types of clothing (onesies, footed sleepers, overalls, diaper covers etc.). These items are generally expensive and it is hard to know just from pictures what you are getting. A lot of people have limited budgets and can't afford to try a lot of things.

So what is your favorite piece of ABDL clothing that you own? Provide a link if possible. I personally don't own anything yet :sad:.
Hi. I've a few items I really like first of all is my baby blue shorts with poppers at the crotch and second is my Jon jon. I'm having problems tring to up load pics but if anything changes I'll get some up!
It's a cheaty answer, but my favorite is my homemade Bambi onesie. Partly because it is a stretch cotton knit (and it is VERY hard to find printed knits in general, nevermind Disney ones), and partly because it is the first item of clothing I'd ever sewn. It's a bit too wide and not deep enough in the seat, but the pink is glittery and that somehow makes it all perfect. :eek:


Of things you can buy, though, anything by Baby-Pants will be of good quality for the price they cost. I own just about one of everything, and have not been disappointed.

Their poppered shortalls especially are very charming and have deep deep pockets for holding nicknacks. They come in your choice of traditional blue denim or striped just like the old engineer Oshkosh B'Gosh. And best of all, you can pair them with different shirts to make all sorts of outfits. :)
My shortalls, by baby pants - The crotch snaps work really well, they're baggy, and they fit over my diaper incredibly comfortable.
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Well, it's hard to pick a specific favorite ...

I really like my two pairs of shortalls, personally. One is a pair of khaki shortalls, with teddy bear patches on the legs and pocket. The other is denim with Pooh on them.

Of my onesies, my favorite is a yellowish nursery toy print with green trim. My other favorites are a plain blue one from BabyPants and a blue/yellow/white stripped romper-like onesie.

Sometime I really should take pictures of them. Except my camera doesn't work with my computer atm ...
My favorite AB clothing would have to be my first generation yellow firetruck fleece footies from Jumpin Jammers. These were the ones with no hood and no pockets or butt flap. Jumpin Jammerz don't sell them anymore.

My second favorite piece of AB clothing would be the custom fleece footies from the All in One Company. It is tan colored with polar bears all over. The most interesting feature on this footies would be the back zipper. I don't really understand why the young kid footies have back zippers abut I decided to try having a back zipper on my custom pair.

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Travi said:
My shortalls bye baby pants the crotch snaps work really well and they're baggy and they fit over my diaper incredibly comfortable
I second this
But most of all my pampers lol then shortall's
Shorts a little big mabey one to two size's up from my size then sewed elastic into the waist band so its puffy like baby one.
The more it look like real baby clothing the better for me.
My favorite piece of ABDL clothing I own is a pink footed sleeper I got earlier this year. I absolutely love it, it is very comfortable and it keeps me very warm.
I would have to say a pink long-sleeve onsie. It is very comfortable (in cooler weather) and I like the color.
My footie pajamas from Macy's. I sincerely hope they bring them back this year because I will most likely be ordering one or two more when they do.
Hmm, I mean, my diapers are my favorite, but maybe that doesn't count. I'd say a tie between my kitty training pants and my bugs bunny footy PJs. Those are my favorites from each category. I don't have any onesies as in the shirts to hold a diaper up and I don't have any overalls or shortalls.
My footed sleeper which fastens up the top. I wish the zipper came all the way down though - it makes changes really difficult. :/
I love the stretch terry footed sleeper I bought from jumpin jammerz. It has poppers all the way down to the feet just like a baby jumpsuit its so cool. Cost a bit though all the way from the states but it is worth it. :)
I love my BabyPants onesies.
For me, it is my plastic pants, even though they are plain.
my favorite cloths are my rompers here is one of them
I have footed pajamas and a personal AB shirt. I liked the footed pajamas better (if only I didn't shrink them -_-), but I'm starting to dig the shirt quite a bit lately. Especially when I can just parade around in my room in just that t-shirt and a diaper. :D

My favorite piece of baby clothes has to be my snap crotch onesie from baby pants. Wish it was one size bigger but that's the largest they had. But still is comfy though. My only complaint was I wish the sleeves were wider. Other than that, fits great. Love it :) And can't beat $35.00 dollars.

-Baby Stanley
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