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  • Thanks Penny :) Yea, Sandra was very nice. She had a huge heart. She helped me a ton on my site. About being ok, yea. Thanks to some wonderful friends I still get a chance to hear from her from time to time. I have two friends who are mediums who are kind enough that they don't charge me. From time to time Sandra will pass them a message to pass along to me. Wish it was daily. But I get a message about every 2-4 months. Far better then never. So I am thankful to them for their help. As for my holiday, yea, it was good. I hope your holiday was good as well. :)
    You did a great job and my condolences to your loss. She seemed like a sweet woman and I hope you are okay. I hope you had a great holiday as well and I haven't seen that episode of my crazy obsession but ill go and check it out :)
    Thanks Magnolia for the birthday wishes. And your welcome Penny for the post reply. :) I am glad you liked the crib. It's nothing fancy, but I wanted a crib even if it was a basic one. And I didn't have 2 thousand dollars to blow on a crib. Mine ended up costing about 150.00. I am also glad that the episode helped you in finding a community and accepting your toddler side. :)
    Hey thanks for replying to my post, I like your crib. You were on tv :) that episode of taboo was a part of what brought me to this website so I guess I owe you a thank you!
    Your bravery is part of what helped me find a community and self acceptance.

    Merry Christmas!
    Thanks everyone for the support. I am glad that is all over too. I enjoyed doing the Taboo show, but for sure could have done without Coburns little tantrum.
    Hey glad to hear you got cleared of the charges man. That senator can kiss all of our butts here at ADISC. That makes me so mad but Im glad to hear everything went good!
    Stanley, I'm glad you get to keep everything! The senator needs a used diaper full of shit smeared all over his face..
    I hope everything starts to go better for you now that the case has been dropped. I really couldn't beleive some reactions and i'm just happy now that it's come to an end and you can go back to living your life in peace. xxx
    I'm sorry about what's happening. I hope you get well soon and you keep your ssi, nobody should deserve this crap and threatening letters. Being told to commit suicide is just wrong and nobody should kill themselves like that. Politics should focus on REAL political issues instead of shifting away from them and ignoring these issues entirely.

    Just wanted to say that, while I have yet to see the episode of Taboo you appeared in (I will hopefully rectify that shortly) I'm sure you did a decent job portraying us. I've heard a little bit about you beforehand (I knew of you, in any case), and I honestly think you weren't a bad choice for the show. Thanks for having the courage to do it, in any case :)
    Are you still in Redding???

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