What Diaper Should I get?

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I have been using Goodnites for about 2-3 years, and honestly, I'm getting rather tired of them. I'm looking for a different diaper that will satisfy my needs (plastic, crinkly, thick, very absorbent). I just ordered a pack of Abena S4's, but I don't know if those are gonna cut it. Anyone have any ideas? (My waist is 27", I weigh 95 lbs, and I'm 5'6") Thanks!!!
Abena is a great brand, so is molicare, dry 24-7, bambino & snuggies to name a few.
I would recommend the Dry 24/7's they work great for me and I wear them 100% of the time now
I would hold off on getting Dry 24/7. They seem to be going through some changes or have defected diapers. I have bought some a few weeks ago and I'm not liking them. There's another thread that discusses the issues. This includes the capacity being reduced greatly.
Dry 24-7 seems to be a good brand. Check out the diaper reviews, if you want plastic and huge absorption, read about the Rearz Spoiled and the Sunggies Waddler (and Snuggies Waddler Overnight). When I have the cash, and the house to myself, I definitely want to order some of those, I like my diapers like you do. Read about the waist sizes before ordering, and measure hips too.
Thank you guys so much for your input. Seems like 24/7 is a popular brand amongst you guys, so I think I'm gonna go check those out. Again, thanks so much for your help!
Usually an Abena kind of guy, but trying a pack of Dry 24/7 presently. They are great, but are going to have to be FANTASTIC to dethrone Abena's!!
I'm gonna throw my hat in the ring and recommend Molicares (make sure you check whether you're getting plastic or cloth!) as well as NorthShore and Wellness Briefs Superios.

Look for something with redo-able tapes, because it takes a couple tries to get the fit right when you make the switch to grown-up diapers :)

Good luck!
Bambino's are a personal favorite of mine. But I never even tried molicares or Abena's.
+1 for 24/7's. The batch I just got doesn't seem to have the tape issues that other people are complaining about. They can be loud though. Bambino's are also an awesome diaper. Personally I think they're the most comfortable and have the best tapes.
If your hips are small enough, why don't you try and get some baby diapers? :) They are cheaper too!
For sheer absorbency, my go to product is Dry 24/7. My batch is from about a year ago, so I can't vouch for what may have changed. I love the feel of the Abina M4 but as a side and stomach sleeper, I often leak up front by my belly. That never happens with the Dry 24/7.
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