What are the Best diapers out there?

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Hello I was wondering what the best diapers are out there? For looks and absorbency.
Molicare super plus, Abena M4, Tena Slip Maxi
Bacon flavored Bellissimos
BouncyBoy said:
Bacon flavored Bellissimos

So not only are our diapers good for absorbency, they can be used as a meal?
Oh god. I didn't think this through.
Dry 24/7 and NorthShore Supreme Briefs :)
Thanks for all the different types of diapers
Abena M4 imo is the best for me for fit, comfort and absorbancy. the NothShore Premiums are close second but if you're going for most absorbent, then Dry24/7 is the winner. The Tena Slip Maxi's are petty decent at being stealthy.
Thank you jonnythepony:)
Dry 24/7, if they fit your body correctly.
Obviously, the best diaper is the one that is currently covering your butt.

I'm not a slave to brand name fashions.
No Bellissimo lovers?
Do the dry 24/7 have designs on them?

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And bouncyBoy the problem I have with bambino is that the diapers are expensive
Dry 24/7s are plain.
I kinda like the ones from Aww So Cute
Thanks amcon. And shippofox I've seen them. Have you tried them?
My preference leans SUPER HEAVILY towards Dry 24/7. I LUV that they're just plain & white all over and they can more than handle the 'abuse' I give them.
Aww so Cute are cute. I admit, I kinda want some of the pink ones. Tried a bag of the blue ones when they first hit & were all the rage.
meh. They aren't all that. Shirley wouldn't write home about them ...

I am still quite fond of the Bambino Biancas (all white diaper), the Abena x4 (be they y/s/m/l/xl) and of course my mountian of COMFY cloth diapers.
Alfredanthony. What didn't you like about the aww so cute diapers?
BouncyBoy said:
No Bellissimo lovers?
I love Bambinos!

For ultimate capacity and looks I wear Bellissimos! One Bellissimo can last me all day at work (8 hours), today I wore an Abena m4 (usually great) and it leaked before lunch time. Awwsocute have alot of nice thing going for them but are not as good (IMO) as Bambinos. Dry24/7's are a great diaper and hold alot but are plain appearance wise (sounds like you want color?). My colorful top picks (that I have tried) in order of absorbency would be: Bambino Bellissimo, DC Amor (if you like pink), Bambino (teddy, classico), Awwsocute (very comfortable), Snuggies (need improvements), Cushies (if you add a booster or 10). Other diapers to Google: Rearz Spoiled (print), Fabine, Cuddlz, Comficare. Go here: http://www.rearz.ca/ to look at those & others. Shipping to the U.S. is about $20 no matter how much you buy but diapers are kind of expensive, they have a good selection for "window" shopping! Tena slip maxis are good but not as absorbent as other high end diapers like Abena, Dry24/7, Absorbency plus or Northshore supremes (none really attractive) but they start out thin and swell alot if you like that! Of all the diapers I've tried Bellissimos are my favorite!
Sissygirl118 said:
Hello I was wondering what the best diapers are out there? For looks and absorbency.

"for looks" really depends on what you're looking for. Most are looking for all-white, babyish, or girly. (DL/AB/Sissy) All-white I would say comfidry, bambino bianco, or Absorbency Plus/4. For babyish, Bambino Bellisimo or Teddy, Snuggies (not as high capacity tho), or any of the ABU diapers. For sissy, the new DC Amore are probably the best thing going.

Fabine changes up their line somewhat frequently, and someone said they may be having business problems, but they've been known to make DL, AB, and Sissy theme in their high capacity line also.
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