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  • I'm going to have to check out the podcasts. I've listened to a lot of mako's, but I ID as a DL, far more than AB, and there's not much interest in straight DL conversation, as far as I can find, and I'm not sure exactly why. We have all the same issues, just not the binkies, and stuff, THOUGH, it's still part of my ABDreamz fantasies. Yes, that's one of my other nicks, out and about. I'm DLuvintrukr, too, in case you run across these, and tend to think we're separate beings. One being, with several nick's.

    Hi magnolia!

    I'm sorry for never responding to your message. I use the Tapatalk app to read the ADISC forums, and almost never (except for now) log in on my computer. Apparently Tapatalk doesn't play well with PM's.

    Thanks for the kind words. Hopefully you're still enjoying the show :)
    Hey, I just recently found your podcast and I loveeee it, I dont wanna put any pressure on you more!!!
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