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Hello everyone,
My apologies if this is not the correct place to post. It seemed as the closest forum topic for the issues at hand.

A brief breakdown of myself a 34-year-old male. Have been into wearing diapers/pads both for medical and enjoyment reasons, regressing into little space, some light cross-dressing; panties, skirts, and doing my nails.

My wonderful girlfriend met me at a time of my life when my baby habits were in more of a suppression mode. I would still wear diapers at night as I would wet the bed. I did let her know about my inclinations towards little space activities. During this time though my cross-dressing was more predominant in my life; she would assist with doing my makeup, and picking out which panties I should wear to work.

Unsure as to the exact reason but my daytime accidents started getting worse and pads were not cutting it, often leaving me with wet patches on my jeans from leaks which led to me going to diapers for additional support.

While dressing girly felt right, it still felt like there was an aspect that was missing in it. Once the diapers went on 24/7 I found that I was not looking for the older girly look and found a lot of solace in dressing more as a baby girl; my stress levels went down, and I found myself happier with the little I was doing.

Fast forward a few years and this is where the issues start coming into play in our relationship. As a couple or sex life is nearly non-existent, we have been physically intimate maybe twice a year.
When talking about the issues she let me know that she accepts my lifestyle choices. She finds it hard to be intimate with someone who views themselves as a baby girl - even saying she felt bad about the twice we did do it as she felt like she was taking advantage of a toddler.

We have talked about it a while now, and she asked if her treating me could be considered a form of intimacy. Up to this point, the most she has done was a rare diaper change and patting my bum.
What she asked of me as I'm mostly in adult mode due to my job. That she would like me to be more involved with my little self, and she would become more involved with me in that way as long as we remain the aspect private and not imposing on others.

Up to this point, I have only been indulging at night. I wear my Rearz lemon onesie, and waking up I watch my cartoons (glitter force! is my latest one).
I'm okay with accepting what she asked as intimacy as she finds the way I support her and help her is what she wants and needs.
I am at a loss for how I can show her that I'm a little and what I can do to show that I'm a baby girl in more of a private public matter.
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I have a similar experience in the terms that I am also 34 sissy crossdresser and diaper lover. My wife accepts both sides to a certain degree. For me diapers and panties are sexual for me but actual sex is kind of a turn off for me. I can't get into sex without thinking about diapers or panties and stuff. I think most of sex is gross.

Anyways I started dressing around my wife but she seemed to like it but only cause I was aroused wearing panties. But once I started wearing a bra it seemed to be more of a turn off. I have never worn a wig around her as that would be too much. She knows but would prefer not to see that. We have tried some role play maybe once or twice she helped put on a diaper but that's about it. It's okay for what it is but it's definitely not as good as your expectations. She would call me names to help me get on the modd like baby boy. It doesn't mean anything to us we know it's just role playing but I can see how others wouldn't get into it.

We even a few years ago was trying open relationships . There is a lot more negatives that come with that than positives. But I felt bad I wasn't into the things that she was into. But she tells me she is ok with the little we do.

I'm not sure what to tell you just keep the conversations open and honest. It seems like she accepts it just doesn't want to involve the sex aspect. I saw another post similar to this idea.
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My two cents worth…
First, and most important, I respect your life choices as well as everyone’s here.
In both cases, a long open honest discussion with the wives may be overdue. I suspect they are needing a masculine partner at least part of the time to satisfy their emotional, phycological, or physical needs, or some combination of one or more.
I hope you take my suggestion as my heart felt desire to help you and your marriage.
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Hi sparrowj8811 thank you for sharing your situation with us here.
As a 66 year old male who's wife passed away nearly two years ago, I hope my comments comes across to you in a manner of what I would have loved to have had done more of.

Time to focus on your wife. If sex is not a part of expressing love then forget about it, as it seems that your relationship can get by without sex, but love and intimacy, growing in a healthy way, are essential for a secure future.
Want does your wife get out of your marriage?
Does she have much joy in seeing more of your true self coming out?
What are the boundaries of her acceptance levels and comfort zones?
What does she want more of? (And less of?).

My weakest moments as a husband was when I allowed other things, (like life, work, bills, self), distract me from giving my top priority to the love of my life. (Finding the right balance is never easy).
But I never came last, whenever I put my wife first !!

All the best to both you and yours.
When I told my wife about my diaper wearing, she said something to the effect that she needed the man she married and I told her that he was always present, anytime she needed him. Our arrangement actually worked out quite well. Over time she began to accept it and of course, I was still the man she married.
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Thank you everyone who has contributed.

That is an aspect that's going on for me she I'd extremely accepting of everything.
We might have our rocky moments but we always talk and try to understand one another's emotions.
Like our talk today when going over how she felt, for her even if I'm not in babymode at all, she says she still sees me as wanting to be a baby girl and that is a turn off to her.

I'm not sure if I'm understanding you correctly but if you mean as in having someone else she see as a man to be with for her needs. I have brought up the aspect that she can see others if she feels it's what she needs. She has told me on numerous occasions that she doesn't want that. So I'm not sure how else I could mention it to her or what to tell her to give something to thinks about.

My condolences for the passing.
Thank you for taking the time to share.
I feel like I give a lot of the focus to her. We talk together, I'm constantly cooking and helping keep everything cleaned up. More importantly I ask her how she is and get her to tell me about her day, while we relax together. As for your other questions they are mine as well, she says I need to show the babygirl I am more and with that she start putting more effort into that part. I'm not sure what else I can do to show that side. As for boundaries her only care is that it stays between us for the baby side. We don't force it on others.
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