1. L


    Hello all Fellows! I am Lisana or Lisa in short. I am in love of feminine items, so i would call myself CD,TV,TS. Nearest is crossdressing as i have not much chance to transition. I begun to fancy ABDL too, so i used diapers few times. So far - only diapers without full feminine attire...
  2. emmasdprsecret

    Texas ab/DL's cl, mommy, care givers, like minded peeps

    Hey yall, I live in Austin, Texas, and was wondering if there's any other dls, mommy's, caregivers, sitters or any like-minded individuals in/close to the area that might want to hang out at some point.... been keeping the whole abdl thing a secret since kindergarten and honestly getting kind...
  3. sissymelanie1967

    Anyone planning to visit the Philippines?

    I'm a French crossdresser,sissy,who love to wear chastity cage and diaper,be dress as a woman and serve master or mistress as a submissive. I would love a sissy sister too ! Where I live in Palawan Philippines there is no one I could meet for my fetish, so sad ! Any help to find some are welcome...
  4. sissyBritney

    My First Wetting Accident In Public

    I have been wearing diapers and plastic pants fulltime for about 6 months now. I wear to work, shopping, church no matter what I am doing now I am always diapered. Today I went shopping at a local mall. I was wearing a pair of jean shorts with a black spaghetti strap top with pink sneakers and...
  5. S

    Allstar Cheer Boy

    Hi cuties! Allstar cheerleader for life! I love to cook and do yoga. Enjoy singing and dancing. Also enjoy art and music. Avid reader. Would love to be a Disney Princess all dressed up :) Artsy and giddy peppy Goodnites size L at night for bedwetting protection and fun :). Always feel...
  6. mcbridg22

    Sissy aspiring ultimate sissiness!

    Hi everyone! I’m Bridgette, i’m a bi 35 yr old closeted (unfortunately) submissive sissy CD who is very sweet, bubbly, and loves to laugh. I don’t judge and love to please. I am pretty open and curious to everything except the usual (poop, under 18, stuff like that). I have been slowly working...
  7. D

    How Sissy are you today?

    Posting this thread with a similar idea of "What diaper are you wearing today?" Figured we could share what we are currently wearing. I'll go ahead and start. Currently, under my boy clothes, I'm wearing a 2010 style Girls Goodnite with butterflies on it. And I have my new training bra, it's...
  8. Jade1255

    Ello y'all!

    Just a bit of a sissy here down in S fla. Early 30s. Not fully transitioned but quite feminine. So not "passable" but getting there y'know!? Um since childhood kinda been feeling less adequate as a boy/man and more delicate. I like sports but didn't at first like all the other lads. And I'm a...
  9. BabyprinceS

    Sissies and full diapers

    Hi all 🌸 I hope this isn't ot (if so, I apologize). There is a question I would like to ask: how do you relate to full diapers? In other words, do you ever go number two in your diapers while in sissy space? I've known more than one sissy who didn't like it, because such thing would...
  10. D

    Favorite Stores for Girly things? Shopping stories

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has favorite stores to shop at for their Sissy thing? Additionally, has anyone had any fun or interesting encounters with other shoppers or employees while out in stores. Here are a few of mine. I LOVED Justice and am so sad it's closed. They were the first...
  11. sissyBritney

    Dressing for Summer diaper wearing.

    I have been shopping today to find some things to help me prepare for a hot summer diaper wearing. I found some cute pink biker shorts to wear under my dresses and help hold up my diapers and help conceal them some what I also found this cut pink one piece that I can wear under my dresses in...
  12. 2-11-1.jpg


    My new diaper backpack.
  13. sissyBritney

    My First Taped Diapers.

    Today I got a delivery of my first taped diapers. I have been wearing pullups. Also got a pair of really cute pink plastic pants to wear over them. OMG, I must say what a difference from pullups. These are so much bulkier. I put them on as soon as I got them. They are so full and bigger than...
  14. 2-1-2.jpg


    My sissy Bedroom
  15. sissyBritney

    My sissy Bedroom.

    Here is a pic of my sissy bedroom. I love being a fulltime sissy. I always try to wear sexy cloths and and underwear, even at work. I enjoyed buying and wearing sexy panties and thought there was nothing better. Well, I have found something better and that is wearing diapers and plastic pants...
  16. indiansissyboy

    New sissy from Coventry, UK

    Hi, I like to go by Anita. I’m 22 from the UK and work and study. I’ve been dressing for ages now since probably 10/11 it just started with curiosity of how my mum and sisters panties would feel on me. And just like that I was addicted everytime they went out the house I’d wear them. This then...
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    Sissy woman in sissy clothes
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    Sissy women in black
  19. sidewinder400

    Hypno/Training Videos. Do they work?

    I've been using 'sissy hypno' or 'sissy hypnosis/training" videos for quite some time now. I don't know how effective they are, might just be a placebo effect. But I find them very helpful when working out or just meditating. What is everyone's experience with them? Any suggestions? I prefer the...
  20. DownLow

    Trying to become more of a sissy...

    Hello cuties, I have been into diapers for the past couple of years and i moved onto enjoying wearing panties and other sissy things like cute dresses etc. but i want to take it further and would need someone to hold my hand along the way. I would love to find someone in the area, who is also...