1. V

    Sissy struggling and need help to move on

    Hi everyone! Long story short I've been for many many years puting on panties from time to time and got very excited but later years Ive been buying bras and girl cloth and really enjoying dressing as a girl and dreaming about sucking a cock. Actually after watching a lot of sissy porn I have...
  2. T

    Older Sissies can redefine Housewife.

    While many older sissies are using current fashions and new generation clothing as their sissy expression, there are those who are bringing back the previous generation look... the look of the 1950's housewife. A good example would be the Househusband turned Housewife here...
  3. LilacCrinkle

    Free sissy training program (1 year!?)

    So I was surfing the web trying to find some answers and stumbled upon a free 1 year sissy school enrollment program. Also they have some low priced outfits, wigs, and Here is the link if you all want to take a look The only thing I'm not...
  4. S

    Sissy DL

    Hey yall im new to the site, looking for people like me to chat with.
  5. KittyninjaW

    The return of the reprise of the Kittyninja!

    Hello, my diapered friends! I'm back after so long and it kinda feels good. Well, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is the fact that when my brother came back from the military and after the "Grace period" The Dark Lord, (A.K.A my brother, Trying to make a joke here.) is back to his...
  6. Karit

    I Made My Own Cute Adult Size Baby Diapers... You Can Too!

    With a little effort, you can make your own cute diapers. Here’s how in 4 easy steps… Take a Tranquility ATN (All Thru the Night) Diaper and carefully pull apart the plastic from the padding. Take a Pull-Up and tear away the sides to have a flat diaper. Dab a small amount of rubbing alcohol...
  7. sissybabypansy

    Hello, I'm a permanent sissy baby... new to this site

    Hello name is pansy Gronski, and I am fortunate that I am able to live permanently as a sissy baby..... I'm in diapers 24/7, incontenent both pee and poo, I drink formula daily, speak with a very heavy childish lisp, and never wear anything even resembling "A Grown-Up" Thank you...
  8. KittyninjaW

    Life has steadly improved.

    Hey everyone, sense My brother left for the army, Life has steady improved. First off, I think I know what my little side is, Basically, It's a boy who knows he's a boy but likes to be treated like/called a little girl. Not sure what the name for that is though, Probably Sissy, or Fem-boy. Also...
  9. michaelmc

    New dress

    I orderd a new Anime adult school girl outfit off for $6 thats navey pleated skirt,white blouse with navy stripped sleeves and collers with bows and matching socks. I also orderd some Mary jane shoes size9 (UK) I cant wait should arrive soon!:biggrin:
  10. P

    Ideas for a middle name

    Hi everyone. So i’ve been thinking about adding a middle name for when i’m in my Little girl faze. My first name is Charlotte, but sometimes I like to be called Lottie. I’ve been toying with the name Louise as a middle name, but i’m keeping my options open for a little while longer before making...
  11. S

    Hello From So. California!

    Hi!! I’m Stacey, I’m a sissy-diaper girl and love everything from panties to diapers...anything pink lol. I mostly play in the bedroom with only one actual meet up. (Met a daddy for training sessions). I am looking to meet new friends and ABDLs more importantly!
  12. michaelmc

    physical age 85 mental age16 official age 51 UK Nappy lover

    I medicly incontinent and loving it,is that weird?i am also exploring my feminim side???I have tried many different incontinence products and am using net pants and pads the net pants are expensive and cheap quality but I have found pants that at £2 a pair ( great and look good...
  13. Littledaddy

    Hi! Happy to be here!

    Hi! My name is Sebastian and I’ve been a “lurker” probably for something around 6 years since I discovered this community. I’ve always struggled with the truth about myself, accepting my Abdl has been very hard but I’ve recently made a lot of progress and that why I decided to register and...
  14. S

    I'm a shy diapered college boy.

    Hi everybody! I'm a blond/blue, gay, diapered college boy and new on here.
  15. T

    Finding the perfect feminine diapers

    I'm hunting for the perfect diaper for myself and seem to have gotten lost in it all. I'm specifically looking for something that seems feminine but not too young. My ideal diaper would be predominately purple (settle for pink), Low rise in the front (think typical panties), and effective in...
  16. S

    adult baby nursery uk

    hi all, I have just booked in to visit mummy amanda's nursery and while i am super excited i am also very very nervous to see her and her nannys. i follow them on twitter and it looks amazing almost too good to be true. my question has anyone ever been to see them. p.s I am not a nursery...
  17. B

    I'm transgender

    Hello, I'm a transgender male (born female) and I've seen lots of people questioning on here or having lots of questions. So this is just me saying if anyone has questions or needs to talk I'm glad to help out if I can.
  18. ABAlex2

    Sissy's Lot

    It was like something out of a Stephen King novel. A strange, twisted version of Misery. Except Misery was already twisted. Did this count as more or less twisted? A horror novel against... whatever this was? "This is still pretty twisted," Alex thought as he stared around what now made up his...
  19. OriginalT

    Regressing into little boy?

    I don't know if this is a good place for this, but it does say gender identity and stuff here so - Biologically, I'm female. But I've always been super Tom boy ish. Alot of the time , I wish i was a boy. I don't really feel like one I just want to be one. Life would be easier I think. Right...
  20. Mithrim

    Super cutie on duty~ New kid on the block<3

    Hello everybody ^~^! I just joined today and wanted to get my name out there. I am excited to be a member of the community and I hope everyone will be happy that I am here (≧∇≦*). If ya wanna meet up or just chat, feel free to pm me or use my contact info on my profile <3 I am pretty shy and...