The knock: by Me

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My short film. Enjoy. It was a ton of fun. It needs like one edit but that's it to make it fully understandable.
I understood every bit of it and that was a terrific film if I may add Oceltot. Keep it up if you plan on uploading more of this kind of content in the future. If you want, when you make a dozen more, you could always create a facebook page and advertise your youtube channel to help make it grow :D
Depends on if you understand the placement of the robbery gear in the back seat, most have told me they thought he was going to commit another robbery. But in truth, he just commited one the night before. The edit I'd do, and it'd have to be reshot(because the tie in the bathroom was black and not red) is to have the bathroom scene about halfway transition into color. That way you know he just committed the robbery the night prior and left the gear in his car.
That was really good. I'm always amazed at the talent we have here on this site. Well done.
Very nice bro
Great job... Love indy film (when it tells a story)!
Well done Oceltot, epic effort. Also I loved the camera work..
Thanks everyone. My crew helped a ton, but of course I chose all and finalized the shots.
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