Stuffing pudding down your diaper?

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I recently bought two 6-packs of chocolate pudding. I'm wearing a safari brief and I've heard good things about stuffing pudding down there for mess simulation ^^
Is there anyone here who tried this? I'd like to here your stories ^w^
I've already done bananas and oatmeal, so I'm wondering if pudding is any better owo
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What a waste of good pudding
Ya just eat the pudding and wait; it'll end up in your diaper eventually.
Oatmeal is bland and tasteless, but pudding is sweet and delicious and usually expensive.
Do the math.
I think that might be worth a try!
Geez, why pudding? Just use oatmeal, silly >u<
Pudding, ehh... I find it too slimy. I promise oatmeal is the way to go. You can adjust the water content to match the hardness of your liking. Also there are ways of getting it up in there to really simulate the real thing without the smell if that's what you're after. Also near-dirt cheap.
Pudding, on the other hand, expensive and unadjustable (just gets runny and blech). Might be easier to put up there for the simulation, but the sugars are bad for the intestines, as it gets absorbed much quicker and has more of an impact on your health as opposed to just eating it. So yeah, imo, oatmeal and bananas for stuffing your diaper, pudding for stuffng your face :)
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