so who's wearing bambino medium diapers

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So who's wearing bambino medium diapers? I know that snivy wears them but im just curious who else wears them?
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my wife and i do..great diaper for excessive absorbency..little sweaty to wear for a while but they are super thick. they are my wifes favorite, little to much padding and crinkle for me but fun for long periods of wear..
Me. I'm actually wearing a Bellisimo right now. Really absorbant. I like them. I really like the pattern of the Teddy ones. But the Bellisimo ones can last a good chunk of the day.
I liked the thickness and the white color of the plastic but would have prefered that they fit a little higher on my waist. course I prefer all white and the confidry 24/7 diapers satisfy most of what i want which is waist height and color and feel
I will wear them when I have them but my roommate wears them all the time and sometimes he'll give me one to wear.
I wear bambinos, I wear bellisimos in Large size because while Medium fit me okay, I tried both large and medium, Mediums are a bit snug, larges are a bit lose so I went with larges as I can just pull the tapes tight were as I can't make mediums bigger lol.
I wear Teddies all the time.
Tho when going to con I use Bellissimo's if I have them.
Otherwise its still Teddies.
i do! I got a couple packs of Classico after having Bellissimos and Teddies for a while. I decided to be a bit more babyish, now that i'm more comfortable with it c:

They're my favorite plastic-backed diaper for sure! I would give all my earthly possessions if Bambino made a cloth-backed diaper :smile:
I would like to, but they are awfully expensive for me. I have a friend in town that has a bunch of them though.
I wear them. Love them. Thry feel wonderful.
I won't quite fit into a medium, but the large are nice. I prefer the Teddy pattern personally. They're probably the best DL's diaper - good capacity and presses all the DL's "diaper look and feel" buttons.
I wear them. I like to wear them when I out, do not have to change them until I get home.
I actually tried Bellissimos the other day. They're quite fantastic, but unfortunately quite big on me. Sadly, they don't come in size small.
I wear them. Teddys are my go-to diaper, in fact.
I can't wait for mine to come but I still have another pack to finish before moving onto them.
I don't get to wear that often, however I ordered some Teddy Bambinos a couple days ago. So I'll be wearing them again soon enough. =)
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I like the the plain white Bambino diapers. In fact, I just received a case of 48 of them two days ago
I like the teddy variety. large for me though. Mediums fit me like a spaghetti bikini, no bueno.
secretlynappied89 said:
So who's wearing bambino medium diapers? I know that snivy wears them but im just curious who else wears them?

I feel embarrassed that you mentioned me X3 Now everyone knows I wear (or used to now) bambino's o.o

hahaha. In all seriousness, I would prefer bambino's over any padding in the world honestly ^^

(I didn't even realize you said my name and I just happen to run into this thread)
I like to wear Bambinos when I have a decent supply and only wear them at home(they feel more noticeable)
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