Snuggies Pin hole issue

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Hi everyone,

So i ordered a large case of Snuggies diapers a few months back and i have noticed that on numerous diapers, almost every single one there are the salt grain sized and shaped things on / in the outer plastic that have a tendency to leak on me. im just curious if anyone else has had this issue, i have emailed snuggles but im just curious to see what yall think.

That doesn't sound good. How many months back did you order?
Also, how severe were the pinhole leaks?
Those are large grains of SAP, and do show up as a problem from time to time; we've seen it happen with numerous brands. (I had a case of bambino that had that issue) It's probably classified as a "manufacturing defect". They mix sap in with diaper pulp during manufacture (SAP is what makes the diaper swell and absorb a lot more), and the grains are supposed to be within a certain size. If some grains are too large and they end up on the padding next to the shell when it's assembled, you'll get that lump. They usually don't cause an immediate hole, but the problem is they're a high point and will quickly wear a hole in the shell after rubbing against pants or sheets.

If the problem was significant, I'd get ahold of them. They may want to see some pictures of the lumps. You'll typically get a one-use coupon code for some amount off your next order if they think the problem is significant. (I've heard of entire cases being replaced though for really bad issues)
Ordered two bags about a month ago and noticed the same thing. While they haven't leaked on me, the issue is a little disconcerting.
Thanks for the replys, I sent them an email and ill let you all know what comes of it.
ive had 3 cases with these little dots and not one leak
just ordered 2 bags a few days ago. i hope i dont have the issue :/
******UPDATE****** upon contacting customer service they requested that i send some picture of the issue. Long story short they are letting me keep these diapers i already have ~60 of them affected and giving me a voucher for a brand new case of 80 with free shipping :D
Glad they stood behind their product :)

Most reputable companies will stand behind their products, since diapers are one of the items that once we find one we like we stick to that brand and style. So they know in the long run its better to keep the customer happy and keep them as a long term loyal customer.

Stay with name brand diapers and reputable suppliers and always let them know of the issues.
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