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has anyone ever in the afternoon felt like taking a nap and with a bottle and listening to nursery songs?
...not the songs.
I like nursery songs fairly often, sometimes I have fallen to sleep with them too, granted a lot of my nursery music is Rockaby Baby.
Well... almost every day:paci:
not the songs but yeah...i love the bottle
ummm...when I used to work from home I would do that all the time. It was the best thing, I actually looked forward to afternoon naps. The nursery rhymes believe it or not really help you fall asleep, and regress. One time I even took my door off the hinge and propped it up against the side of my bed creating something like a crib. It might be hard to picture but it was legit
I take naps all the time (actually, too many :) ). I have wanted to get some kiddie CD's or download some tunes but somehow I have never got around to it!

As for a bottle, I've never been able to nurse on a bottle while in bed. Not sure why, just doesn't work for me.
Nothing like some warm milk and a fresh diaper for a good nap.
For me yes on the bottle. But the songs no. What help me fall asleep fast is the Winnie the Pooh (2011). After watching the movie a couple of times, it is so hard to stay awake during the movie. I think that is why my parents had the Winnie the Pooh back in the 70's.
i sometimes have a bottle of milk at night when i cant sleep and it sends me off to sleep pretty fast bielive or not. I am not huge on nursery songs tho, Although i have listened to a select few on youtube channels and they were not as bad as i thought they would be. I kinda enjoyed one about the rain going away and comming back another day hehe.
not sure about a bottle or songs but I do take naps sometimes because I get tired a lot because of sleep apnea and narcolepsy
nap & bottle OK, but "old Mac Donald had a farm" etc. isn't my prefered music. I'm (not only, but mostly) into Hard&heavy...

And my paci never fails.
I've always imagined doing that exact thing I've actually gotten the chance to fall asleep while nursing a bottle.
I don't normaly have time in the day to do that because I still live with parents. But I have used a sippy cup/paci while listening to things like in bed instead of nursery rymes. I've also seen a few remixes of nursery rymes.
I feel like doing that often but without the nursery rhymes. I just want a bottle, my plushie while wearing a diaper and take a nap in the afternoon.
I take a nap almost every afternoon. Just in the last few days I've been browsing the lullaby offerings on youtube and found one I sounds like a music box and actually has the sound of the winding in between the songs. And most of them are Christmas carols, which is very comforting for me. I always cuddle my Raggedy Ann or my stuffed shark when I go to bottle, but thinking about getting a pacifier.
Not the songs part but falling asleep in a nappy to have a nap sure even better when the missus can find time to let me lay my head on her lap
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