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I've been on the lookout for any adult sized patterns for rompers, mittens, onesies, bibs... but no luck so far
I don't yet own anything, or I maybe could have used that as a reference.
I've done quite some intermediate sewing so far, so any patterns/tips would be great!

As for diys, anything related to modifications on normal/baby items, how to turn a baby diaper into something wearable or just accessories would be very much appreciated.

I'll take anything I can get my hands on and see if I can come with something too.

A little foxy
I know how to modify a baby diaper so you can wear and have 2 wettings worth of it, mail me and I'll show you
Unfortunately I can't private message yet as I just joined today after looking around for quite some time... Is there any other way you can show me?
I can show a tutorial by pictures and text, that would be easier because I have perfected my technique and I swear by it, I will show you all some time, glad you're interested.

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I have been slowly and I do mean slowly working on up-sizing children's patterns to fit me. I am actually on vacation for the next 6 days so I'm really going to try and delve into it, if I have any success I will let you know what I did. Also a bib would be pretty easy to self draft, just measure the circumference of your neck and measure out the area that you want to cover on yourself and use a compass or a sleeve curve to make the sides curved. Just make sue to make it out of either water proof material or terrycloth and back it with vinyl if you plan on getting real use out of them.
You can get pretty big toddler bibs nowadays

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I never tried them though, they can go on the dolls if they don't work.

For footies/onesies use kiwi sew 2175 for a start...

They aren't easy to find anymore, but can still find them a bit...
I'm looking forward to learning about your technique Angelic.

Also for the bibs, that's a great idea. I'm still on vacation for the next few days, so I'm using those to gather ideas. I'll be trying it out when I get home and post if successful.
And the men's onesie might work for me as I'm pretty tall (178cm)

Thanks for all the replies so far!
You can buy an adult bib for under $10, if you want something that has a crumb catcher and lap protection they are a little more.

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Money is a bit the problem here... I know I could source way cheaper materials to make several bibs. I am willing to put an effort in it, but the budget is tight.
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