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Were would you classify as your most daring diaper change? What I mean is..what was the one place you changed your diaper that got you the most nervous? For me it as in the girls locker room. Of course it was empty at the time...but still! How about you? How did it go?
Bus station disabled toilet..

I was travelling back from my stay at my daddies, Diapered of course. about half way home the tapes on the diaper started to come undone, By the time we got to the bus station half way, the top of the tapes had come off, and i could feel the diaper sagging.

it was really weird asking for the key from the reception.. Without a valid disability pass, they refused me, I took the lady to one side, opened my bag, and showed her a diaper and told her i needed to change, she gave me the key after that..

Very nervous..

My most daring change was on a Greyhound bus (the bathroom is not a viable option due to wheelchair) so I threw a blanket over my lap and had it,took the old off cathed myself into a pop bottle and put on a fresh one all the while humming to one of my favorite trip songs ( the late Dan Fogelberg live in concert "a Cry in the Forest")although my next trip in March I am going to listen to the entire Broadway cast "Hamilton" and I have all of Sia's released work with a preorder for her new album that will be here on the 30 th of January and that will be in the mix also.the only thing as nice as a fresh diaper is an album ( this will be my first long ride going wireless with my Bose gen 2 Soundlink headphones).
In a ymca locker room one time. (Actually several times although I was only walked in on once).

Runner up would be along side the road against my car during the day in the Utah desert.
It was at a rest area along an interstate highway. I was starting to have a leakage issue and could not arrive wet at my destination so I had to stop and change. I know people could hear the tapes and the plastic. When I came out of the stall, nobody was there at that second, so I carried the diaper somewhat exposed to the trashcan up by the door. I think the person entering as I reached the can would have had the opportunity to see it, but only if they happened to focus on my exact action. I was definitely a bit nervous about it. Now if I travel long distances, I try to wear something that I think can handle the number of hours, but I would consider changing at a Starbucks because it would be perfectly private and I would be a paying customer.
In the staff room at work. Anyone could of come in on me. But I really needed to change else I wold of been wet.
Might not be the most daring, but changing two diapers (I have to double up certainty diapers) in a full college bathroom. By this I mean, four stalls filled, 4 showers in use, 6 people washing their hands. Nerve wrecking. Course, in my defense, I've been having trouble at night. Heck, I just avoided a major leakage first day back at college by sneaking out to the bathroom. I only beat my bladder by a minute.
For me, Ive had a fair few, but I think the most risky was when I was at the gym. I tend to go about 10pm when its fairly quiet in there. When I went to the changing rooms after my workout, get showered changed etc, I would tend to put a nappy on in the cubicle after I have got ready. This one time, I thought what the hell and just did it there and then in the changing room. I know there was 3 other girls in the gym that could have come in the changing room at any moment. I dont know why I did it, maybe just a thrill of the moment thing, my heart was kinda pounding while doing it and I did achieve the thrill of the moment. Not did it since.
Wrigley Field bleachers restroom. Ugh. That restroom has an attendant that watches the stalls since they get so much abuse from the patrons. I don't know what he was thinking I was doing, but as soon as I got out he went over to inspect it.
I decided to wear to a conference for work in a neighboring town. During a break I walked out to my truck and along the way began to wet the diaper. Unbeknownst to me it had a pinhole in it and absolutely soaked my pants. Luckily I kept an extra pair in the truck. So I climbed inside, removed the wet diaper, changed out of the wet pants, put on a dry diaper and dry pants and made it back inside just in time for the next session to start.
I was in a Walmart wearing a pull up when a flu bug hit me. Went into a stall and had to take off my pants and shoes to change. The floor wasn't the cleanest and I was actually standing on my shoes while changing. Decided right then to wear a tabbed diaper and have since then. Only have to pull my pants down to change. Have gone 24/7 and am very comfortable with wearing diapers.
on a plane toilet having to get my diaper down from the overhead locker. Driving home once buy myself and had messed thinking my house was free when I get home to clean up. Discovered that my GF was at home waiting for me so had to go to the shops buy wipes with a huge load in my diaper and change in the public toilets. Took like 30 wipes to clean up.
In the middle of a train station Bridge (the one. The connects platforms together ) it was around 21:30 so not really busy but could easily have been seen !! I have done this a few times
Got a new one. In the bathroom of my college's science center while they're closing up and the guards were doing their rounds.

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They nearly caught me. It was more risky seeing as my IBS' effects have been increasing
I was chaning my messy diaper in public toilet with one stall and one urinal, when someone walked in. Normally it is a quiet spot but not this time. He must have heard the tapes, wiping, roling up of the used diaper and the crinkle of the diaper bag. I got very nervous but continued. After finishing I left quickly.
I had to change one time in a public restroom that had no doors on the stalls.
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