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I'm thinking about picking up some Molicare Soft Super diapers, but I can't decide on small or medium. My waist is about 33"-34", so I am right on the edge between sizes. I want it to have a low rise so I can wear in public more easily, so I'm wondering if the medium might impede that. Can anyone help?
I fit right between the small and medium for the Super Plus and wear both sizes out with shorts fairly regularly. From the discreetness standpoint, they are both virtually invisible. The only thing about the mediums is that they aren't as tight and feel like they stick out in the back. As far a rise goes, you can always cut some of the excess off of the top or tuck them in (I've always worn a shirt that's one or 2 sizes too big so I haven't dealt with this too much).

In my personal opinion, I prefer the small. It's a little more snug and I think about whether or not it is visible less throughout the day. The mediums make better 'at home' diapers though.
Thanks for the help, I'll start with the small.
I too have the same sizing problem and have found through trial & error that the small size works wonders for everyday outdoor wearing. The mediums I always have on hand for home use because I can also use them for adding a bit of padding.
Im a 34 waist and medium fits just fine.
Small will be tight......
Is the rise on the medium high? Also, I'd like to make sure we're talking about the same diaper. I think some people get the Soft Super and the Super Plus mixed up.
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