If you have 3 wishes what would they be

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1. I wish to become a dragon
2. I wish for the Xbox one to be $ 50.00
3. I wish for it to be Christmas everyday
I'm more pratic:

Keep myself sane
Insurance and technic inspection of my VW
Last one... Hm, what ? GF ? - New home ? - unsure...
1) Good health (for life)
2) Financial Security (for life)
3) I wish for 3 more wishes :p

Oh, that doesn't work?
Ok, then I wish to visit and tour Mars.
1 Every one caring for one another with love kindness.
2 Giving of one's self so every one has a great life end of greed.
3 Every one to be any age they want to be at any time or place experience the joy of being me as I see me to be.
Being inspired by foxkits' #3...
1. Stop getting older. I don't want to be baby or kid, not even want to go back to my 20's, but it would be nice to stay 32 forever.
2. Good health for myself & family & friends & everyone else
3. I don't know. If I had the above two, I'd have unlimited time to get anything else I wanted, right?
Anyway, being a dragon doesn't sound bad (for a day that is). A red one of course, because I'm in Wales.
1. A bank account that never ran out and could never be hacked.
2. Complete mastery of my mind to eliminate depression, anxiety, pain, etc.
3. To be surrounded by amazing, honest, inspirational, loving, interesting people (who think I'm just as amazing) for the rest of my life.

Sorry, "world peace", you just didn't make the shortlist... :frown: *gulp*

Or... if I can be silly...

1. One wish for every possible natural number.
2. One wish for every possible real number.
3. World peace.

Hey! Whaddya mean "world peace" is a wasted wish?! You just can't please some people! Maybe I should have wished for one wish for every possible complex real number or something... I wouldn't want to run out of wishes! :tongueout:
1. World peace
2. World prosperity
3. Life after death (but not as some spooky ghost...they're so boring....boo)
1. equality for all
2. not have to worry about people attacking countries or hacking into people or making people miserable in any way
3. Another genie(since i cant wish for 3 more wishes :p)
1. A functional cyan colored lightsaber
2. My true love
3. So much money that I could finance my odd projects.
1. Immortality (None of aging to dust crap either. You know what I mean).
2. Some sort of basic income that prevents me from worrying about going into poverty or forcing myself into work I hate.
3. A person I can share my life with and call my soul mate forever.
DarkBabyMagicain said:
1. A functional cyan colored lightsaber
2. My true love
3. So much money that I could finance my odd projects.

Nice choices, going to plagiarise:

1. Cyan is the bomb, want a functional lightsaber as well
2. To have my eyesight corrected (already have my true love)
3. Money to burn would be great as I have lots of whim projects
well as for wishes.
I would love to just do it for my self,
1 to be little
2 to have a loving partner
3 the two of don't have to worry about finances. and have good heath.

but I do find that the world is in more need of the wishes then I do, maybe some day we can have some peace and happiness in the world. I wish people help each other more.
1. A special box I can pull anything out of
2. Diapers being more common and accepted
3. Half Life 3
1. The magical ability to grant any and all of my wishes without consequences
2. Uh...
3. What are you still doing here?
Hmm, that's a good question, lots of possibilities... Finding a soul mate...having good finances to live a long life with...

I suppose I'd go with these..unless I could wish for more wishes, then I'd do that, hehe.
1 Good Health
2 Peace in the world
3 Ability to wear diapers whenever I want with no risk or worry of ridicule by others.
1. Inner peace
2. Soul mate (who loves my diaper side)
3. World peace
1. World peace and no worries of war ever again.
2. To be happy and accept myself.
3. To live out my life in good health.
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