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I had this idea. I think it would be cool. What if we had a list of diapers on the permanent thead list. We could have it going from thinest to thickest. Next to each diaper would be a link to wear to order it. There could be three lists. Baby/bedwetter diapers. Adult diapers/pull ups. Cloth diapers/plastic panties. It could cut down on threads made from new members. We could do the same for AB clothes in the other listing.

Anyone else like this idea?
I've brought something like this before, they have the articles section. Plus a lot of different diapers around the world.
there's a little difficulty with a list like this, because diapers change over time and a lot of the things you'd want to know are either subjective ("is it loud?" "are they comfortable?") or is difficult to decide on a standard for ("how much does it hold?" "are the tapes reliable?")
Yes, it sounds good. It would make the search more easy.
Yeah, this could be a good idea. Maybe just an alphabetical list of diapers, a one line description, and a link on where to find more information. This could be done AB items and even the AB retailers.

It would definitely be better than trying to do blind research.
its a great idea
Sounds like a good idea, but remember KISS.
Keep It Simple Stupid, lol.

Just keep it one list with the three categories I feel most here care about.
Plastic back, Cloth back, Hybrid plastic/cloth. Then a list of where to get cloth diapers.

You can not always tell by the descriptions and pictures if a diaper is plastic or cloth backed. :(
So maybe something nice and short like:

Company name - model - light/medium/heavy or 50oz (if available) for how much it holds - website.
Depends - overnight - light -

I think most people can tell for themselves how thick they are going to be by the sites desc and pics.
And for how noisy they are, I feel most here know that pretty much all plastic ones are noisy and crinkle, lol.
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