How long does your stash last?

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When you get a pack of diapers, depending on the size of the pack, how long does it last. Do you sometimes blow through your stash or does it last for a while?

I recently got a pack and it's already gone...I was like DAAAAAAAMN!
I have been doing this for a year, and have never ran out yet x) Longest I used 24/7 was two and a half months, and now I've had to abstine from using for as long... sigh...
I swear, next month I will buy soooo many adult baby diapers! Right now I have just boring medical nappies.
Not a problem in cloth. :eek:
I haven't run out since I started living on my own. I came close when Attends went away but I switched to Depends and then online ordering and it hasn't been a problem since. I accumulate them faster than I use them for the most part. I'm currently 24/7, so I'm making a dent but I wear more discreet ones, so the thicker diapers tend to accumulate as they're more occasional.
Seeing I have limited opportunities to buy, I usually make my diapers last a long time. For instance, I bought a pack of Huggies Pull-Ups in May 2014 and I think I have one left. When I have the chance to stock up, I take it.
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A pack of 28 will generally last a 1.5 - 2 months. Less now that I am wearing more often.
arcituthis said:
A pack of 28 will generally last a 1.5 - 2 months. Less now that I am wearing more often.

A package of 28 XL Walgreen's house-brand diapers only last me 7 days.
I go through 4 packages of 28 per month.
About a case of Dry 24/7 per month. I have some discontinued diapers stashed away for special occasions.
As long as I want it to, I wear cloth.
Yeah, I'm another cloth wearer, so as long as I do the laundry, I'm in business. But what they're not telling you is that the plastic pants wear out. They do last a number of months for me however, probably because I hand wash them after every use. Still, they do have to be replaced and they're somewhat expensive.
My stash can usually last anywhere from two to four months depending on how much diapers I get and how many diapers I wear in one month.
I usually try to make mine last long, but I've been indulging myself quite a bit lately. It's hard to say for me.
My stash generally lasts a very long time. I live with other people, so it's not very practical to buy diapers often, or use them for that matter. I bought a pack of 40 walgreens diapers and a jumbo pack of Goodnites and still have around 40 total left after 3 months.
I go through a bag about every 5-6 days.
During my secondary school days I used almost one a day, so a pack of ten finished in about 2 weeks. Nowadays I wear just once a week, so a pack of 12 lasts slightly over 3 months.
It depends on how much I've used and/or bought. But usually I have to order diapers once every 2-3 months.
Right now, I'm using more than I would normally, due to recent medical conditions. Normally I could get about 3 1/2 TO 4 months out of a case, right now however I'm getting about a month out of a case.
I wear only occasionally so a bag or two can last quite some time. This also means that I usually have ample time to order another package or two.
really depends on my mood and that of my partner if we are both wearing then half as long usually although she doesnt use quite as many as i do, she pees less for starters and rarely messes in her nappy. but i can do periods of 24/7 which obviously eats in to the supply so i try and order the maximum shipping weight i can everytime making it cheaper on delivery fees and saving money as opposed to buying single bags at a time
I usually get 16 Absorbancy+ L4's from XPMedical at a time, and that usually lasts about 6 or 7 months (I wear every other week).
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