Hey so is there any kidfurs who have non-overrated fursona species.


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I mean overrated, Like as in common species such as wolves, dragons and cats.
I'm looking for babyfurs who have underrated species fursona species. I mean underrated I mean that your species is not common or is rare in the furry community or the babyfur community. I'm gonna go 1st, I have a vulture sona named Epona and I also have Poofie and Buttons who are tortoises. I do draw Poofie and Buttons as a normal tortoises but I like drawing them as plushies because they are cuter that way. BYTHE WAY AND THIS IS A WARNONG, DO NOT DRAW NSFW OR NON CLEAN ART OF THEM BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST KIDSAND THAT WILL REMAIN THAT WAY. I DO NOT DRAW NSFW OR NON CLEAN OR ART THEM.IMG_20230327_181747_435.jpg20230323_162936.jpg20230323_163315.jpg
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Just a generic fox here, but I think I've seen a babyfur with an axolotl, and Myoti's fursona is some kind of bat creature.
My main fursona is an opossum, and the one for diaperfur stuff is a skuppy (skunk puppy!) I also have another one who’s a demon goat/deer hybrid. I don’t think any of those are too overrated 🤭
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mine are insects and a mongoose
so pretty unusual id think o_O
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Awesome another bird. My sona is a dodo. But I put then in the adult carer roll as opposed to them being a babyfur.
I specifically chose to be a Malamute so I could say I have a unique species without having to be all that creative lmao
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Their design and regression are still in progress, but here's the gist what I have so far for my inner childish spirit animal. They are a rock hyrax and this was the closest I could get using an app to create them with limited options.
The kid was made on vanilla Sims 4, so the options were once again limited... Unfortunately I'm not much of an artist myself, so this might be the closest I get for a while.

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Hmm, honestly I don't like the judgemental implication of labeling a species as "overrated" and think that "uncommon" would be a nicer word to use. That said, when I chose skunk 24 years ago, it wasn't very common at all! As furry as exploded in popularity, and various species have been represented in popular media, there will naturally be more people inspired to be those species. But hecc, I met FIVE other skunks at CAPCon this year, how cool is that?! :giggle:

Either way, props to anyone who wants to be something less common or even original. Whatever works for you! ^.^
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