1. edgyfox

    There doesn't seem to be many Babyfurs in Australia...

    I have been a Babyfur since 2011 and in that whole time I've only ever me a littlefur. I don't know if it's because I'm straight or live out of the City or if it is just that Australian Babyfurs are few and far between?
  2. LittleBunnyTanya

    Introduction Time!

    Hi! I'm Tanya. Well, that's my alias, anyway. :P I'm an 18-year-old, female babyfur/little. I enjoy drawing and writing (on occasion). Don't feel shy to ask for an art trade! :) My little age can range anywhere between 1-3ish... there are times when I feel more little than others. But, I think...
  3. emberautumnfire

    wittl Dwaggin in ks

    Hi hi all I guess I should describe me here I'm a furry always and forever a dragon I'm orange with yellow belly and red down my back I'm furry not scaily I'm a littlefur I love wearing and I do wet, I'd love to find a daddy or mommy to change me and take care of me... Never have been changed...
  4. lakotawolfpup

    Adult-sized Baby Bottles

    Check it out. I'm starting up a business to sell specialty items for ABs and babyfurs. Things are small right now, but depending on interest, there is definitely room for agressive expansion. So if anyone is interested, please shoot me a PM...
  5. foxkits

    Kind at heart

    I feel a lot of us are very kind inside being one that would not want to hurt any one . Never Did fit in any were . March to my own drum so to speak . I wounder how many of us use the diapers we wear to go to a safe place inside . I pad up and cuddle with my teddy and on hard days the urge is...
  6. B

    Littlefur kitten here!

    I don't consider myself a babyfur, I consider myself a littlefur, but i have been known to wear a diaper every once in a while because they make me feel comfortable and safe when I have high stress levels. I am very AB?DL friendly though and hope to make lots of friends. :biggrin: