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Hello, nice to meet you all. I am very new in the abdl world, and I came here in order to learn more about it, and to find out my likes and dislikes. I am located in Ontario, Canada, and I hope to meet some like minded people in my area.
Nice to meet you cathy! Welcome! Lots of your fellow Canadians here. I see in your profile you like BJD dolls. What are those?
It's great to hear there are many Canadians here~
BJD stands for ball-jointed dolls. They are hand sculpted dolls that are casted in resin. They usually look really realistic and have realistically moving ball joints (hence then name). They are also very custumizable, such as painting their face, changing their eyes, wigs, clothing, etc. They are a kind of art dolls. I can rant on and on about them lol
Oh, I've seen those. They're beautiful. Sounds like they're appealing to you as you see to be an artistic person as well. ie sculpting.
Welcome to the site Cathy
Hi welcome, I'm also a newbie:)
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