1. Canadianfalls

    What are the best value diapers available in Canada?

    I'm Canadian, from Toronto. Male. Wondering what the best value diaps are here. Going through 2-3 Depends w/ tabs per night is becoming wasteful. ATNs are nice but also don't do it for me anymore. I sit for long periods for work and gaming, and sleep diapered. Very heavy wetter. This leaves me...
  2. Sockzz

    Diaper/Potty License F2U Base

  3. R

    Tena Slip Maxi's- Medium's not available in N. America?

    Has anyone else tried to order the Tena Slip Maxi's in Med and noticed that they aren't available in North America? Specifically Canada. Do you know why? Small and large are available but mediums seem to be out of stock everywhere.
  4. ESPF

    10 years ago

    About... ten... ish? years ago there was a company/web page out of Canada that sold all sorts of plastic panties (White/colors/prints) and vinyl underskirts. Are they still in business? Anyone got the URL?
  5. G

    Anyone ordered from B4ns lately?

    Anyone ordered from B4ns lately? I’ve seen rumors online from the last year or 2 that they may be out of business. Anyone have any info?
  6. A

    Any AB Girls from Canada here?

    Heyya everyone, Just wondering if there is any girls wo are from Canada. I have meet so many dude into this, but not yet a girl. Being the only girl that I know of around my area, I'm going crazy. To many boys into this. It's driving me away. Hope there is more girls in Canada!!!!
  7. W

    Hello from BC, Canada!

    Hey all! I'm WellPadded83, currently residing in beautiful Vancouver, BC! I have been a DL for as long as I can remember... I use to keep a stash of diapers when I was little and even getting my Mom to ask my Aunt for some. Guess she thought I would grow out of it :) I've kept this a secret...
  8. R

    Canadian Store bought Diapers

    Hey All! Im asking everyone Canadian or not, what the various store bought options are in Canada? This can be any store that i can go to in person. Not online. Its still isn't an option for me and im totally fine with that for now. Im still inexperience with in store purchases so far. Only have...
  9. cathyaqiong


    Hello, nice to meet you all. I am very new in the abdl world, and I came here in order to learn more about it, and to find out my likes and dislikes. I am located in Ontario, Canada, and I hope to meet some like minded people in my area.
  10. Dashsanta

    New guy here!!

    Hey everyone!! I'm new here! So just a little about me..I am mainly a little and a diaper lover! I also love music, photography, travel, and hockey, and I am looking to go to school for music performance I want to make some new little friends here so please add me as a friend!! I'm a fun guy!
  11. boby

    24/7 will have the Dry24/7 in stock in April 2014. This site is London On. Canada. Looking forward to it.
  12. M

    Hello all my name is michv

    Hi all my name is Mich aka michv. I am a single straight sub ab boy. I live in new liskeard Ontario Canada. I am 29, 5 6 tall, and have red hair and brown eyes. I way 240 lbs and am in to lactation, breastfeeding and beaing a good ab boy for Mommy. I joind this sight to meet and I hope find a...
  13. K

    Parent Issues (HELP)

    Hello, i have a long history with this, how i grew up around diapers and my fetish for them. I am a DL not a AB/TB. Anyways when I( was around 3 i stopped wearing diapers and never had a bed wetting issue or anything that requested diapers. Then around 7 I started to get attracted to them. I was...
  14. Knom

    Canadian question on shipping

    I was miffed at the high price of shipping to Canada so having family in the US that I ship non-diaper orders to, I figured there has to be a service that I can use for the diaper orders. I stumbled upon Kinek and after reading all about them they seem pretty legit. You have items shipped to the...
  15. darkknightinattends

    MAY THE WAY OF THE HERO LEAD TO THE TRIFORCE! Anyways... Hello! That is all!

    Hello! My name is Jordan! I'm from Vancouver BC,love playing my guitar, doing youtube videos, playing some zelda games among others, and wearing thick diapers as often as I can. I joined this site to share my stories read others experiences, and make some friends. [Removed] Anyways this is...
  16. C


    I always think that I'm too white to say "sup!" but it never stops me. I'm 22 both a DL and an AB. I've recently moved to Toronto Canada, from Ireland to work. I'm really enjoying it here though I'm really busy. Not really sure what's done here but hoping to find out. Colin06
  17. cagedbaby

    Introduction to me :)

    HELLO!! Here are a couple of quick summary bits about me. If you like them – read on - I apologize for the long profile – I hope it’s worth the read! * I'm a 2 year old AB little living in Vancouver, BC, who carries his bear with him everywhere! :) * I’m deeply in love with my Mommy, Mistress...
  18. chris235

    hi im new

    i only joined maybe a week or 2 ago and im loving this site im looking for some Canadians to talk to
  19. PrisonerOfSociety

    Remembrance Day and Veterans Day

    Tomorrow or today, depending on your time, for all the Commonwealth nations, America and other countries, it will be Remembrance Day, also called Poppy Day, Armistice Day and Veterans Day. In Canada, like most other countries, we have a moment of silence and it seems as if the whole country...
  20. PrisonerOfSociety

    Hello from the land of bacon, maple syrup and hockey!

    Hello everyone here at ADISC! I've been coming to this site for months and it took me a while, but as of today I registered, man does it feel good to know that your not the only person who has an interest in diapers, being a baby and what not. This is going to be a long post, I'm the kind of...