1. T

    Hi From Busselton Western Australia

    Hi there I'm Toby. I'm a DL who lives in Busselton. I'm an intelligent well presented bi man who has a love of nappies/diapers. I have felt very isolated in my interests so far but this site could be the answer to learning and sharing and hopefully new friendship - someone to share...
  2. AsianCutie

    My boyfriend did convince me into diapers

    We have been together for almost 4 years now and right in the beginning of our relationship, my boyfriend did confess about his diaper fantasies. I can remember, I felt that was really odd because I did not know anything about adult baby world. I looked up on the Internet to understand what that...
  3. LimeBloodedNoir

    Hi there!

    I just turned a legal adult today!!! What do I do first? The choices the choices.... Buy some cigars..? Move out and start my life..? Get a tattoo? SUE SOMEONE??? Hehe! No! I sign up here! My name is Chris! I am VERY new here, and would like to make some friends. I have a ring on my hand...
  4. ThePenguinLover

    Some Questions for more... experienced veterans!

    Hi, so although I am new to this site (I had no IDEA there were forums specifically for ABDLs?) I have been a Diaper Lover for YEARS. (Like 7-8) And as a noob beginner, I have some questions. (Literally, have had no opportunity to wear diapers up until now.) 1. I ordered some Abena Abri-Foam...
  5. G

    Just a Quick Hello

    Hi All, Just popping in to say hi - Like many, I'm a long time lerker and I thought it was time to actually create an account. I leed an insanely busy life, so you probabily won't see me very often, however I would like to get involved when I have the time. Currently I live in London, and...
  6. TabulaRasa2017

    Long time adult baby and little; newbie to embracing it.

    Hello everyone! It has taken me decades to get to this point, but I'm so glad I have. Like I imagine it has been for so many of you, I have wanted to wear diapers and regress and be loved for who I am for about as long as I can recall. I have only recently worked up the courage to admit that to...
  7. B


    Hi there. From the title, i guess you all can know that im new here. So here goes my intro :) p.s. - Sorry for my imperfect English - Yeah this is the introduction cheat sheet XP 1) Hello! Who are you? Im a media student. Kind of an introvert. Not too sure what to say here. I answer...
  8. E

    Newbie in the Midwest

    I've never actually spoke with the abdl community before. I'm honestly not sure what categories I fit into (AB/little/age-play) but I know that I'd love to find a guy who could be a "daddy" for me. I'd love some support helping me find my place, and maybe a hot guy along the way ;) I know my...
  9. J


    Hi! So the guy that I'm seeing (we haven't decided of we're boyfriend/girlfriend yet, we just generally say we're dating and call each other our significant other) told me a few nights ago that he enjoys wearing diapers. He was unfortunately very sick as a child and had to wear them and after...
  10. C

    hello to all

    hello i am happy to chat with anyone if you have any questions feel free to pm me
  11. A

    Good to see so many people here

    Hi, I am Adam and I’ve just joined. I am UK guy of 30. I have had bedwetting problems for a lot of my life. I wet regularly until my mid teens and then after a dry period it came back a few years ago. I am now back to pretty much every night. Not had a great deal of luck with medical...
  12. M

    Diaper Lover

    22 year old guy fron the uk who just has a thing for those lovely diapers! any recommendations on how to get into the scene more would be lovely. And any recommendations for big plastic backed diapers would be perfect! much love x
  13. B

    Hello from a UK Newbie...

    Good Evening Guys and Girls, Im a newbie to this site, not a newbie to wearing nappies! I am 37 yo, I live in West Birmingham and have been near enough incontinent for the last 5 years (Medical condition). I wear nappies 24/7 and use various brands. I am lucky enough to have an amazing...
  14. sproutling

    Hello everyone!

    Hey everyone, you can call me Marlow! I live in the central US and I'm an abdl/furry/little! I've been in a happy relationship for 9 months now <3 my partner doesn't not act on this dynamic, she actually doesn't know. More about me, I love Nintendo with all my heart, as well as drawing too. I...
  15. TiffyKittyxo

    Newbie Lil Kitten!

    Hello! I am a little girl/kitten named Tiffy! I am irl 22 and polyamorous and work as a cashier. I love to color, play, cuddle stuffies, listen to music, watch movies, eat nummy fooooods!!! all sorts of things. I do not have a Daddy, owner, dom, etc. I might be looking but hey I'm here for...
  16. cathyaqiong


    Hello, nice to meet you all. I am very new in the abdl world, and I came here in order to learn more about it, and to find out my likes and dislikes. I am located in Ontario, Canada, and I hope to meet some like minded people in my area.
  17. GoldenHoneyMummy

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone :hug: I have been involved in the Ab/DL community for around 20 years. Being a Diaper Lover, my Little self :cloud9: & an Adult Mummy for abies :paci: & sissygirls :sissy: in real life. Over the years I have been able to explore & discover many facets of my inner self, coming to...
  18. B

    im new

    hi im monic and new to the site
  19. I

    Hello! Here's my Intro post!

    Hey everyone, I'm a college student in Texas and I hope to become fluent in SEVERAL languages one day. I first found this website when I was struggling with my identity as a Diaper Lover and here I am a few years later finally joining. I am a self taught guitarist, drummer, and I absolutely love...
  20. D

    What should be my first diaper?

    Hey guys been wanting to wear (not 24/7) for awhile and might have the chance soon... not sure what i should try first...if you need any more info go ahead and ask.