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These new generation cloth do not wear or feel like real cloth like when you were a toddler.theft are good to "get your feet wet" in cloth but you really need to get a good old school cloth diaper and rubber pants to really appreciate the wear and feel.

As per washing there are lots of threads to read thrum.The big absolute no-no is using fabric softeners or scented or colored soap. Your urine and there fragrance may make a real stink together an unforgettable nastiness so don't use scented detergent.
The AIOs are nice. But yeah, as Tetra said you don't wanna use softeners on it or anything scented. Much less messy if you avoid that.

In terms of drying, I suggest you line dry in the sunshine if you have that option available to you. If not, I usually go low heat. Make sure its dry dry too, you don't want it to mildew and stink.
Just to let you know, those inserts don't absorb much at all. Hopefully they can be sided with some prefold diapers.
I personally have those inserts, they are comfortable but not thick at all and they may absorb maybe a cup of liquid or two. Don't expect much out of those.
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