dyeing/staining vinyl pants

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it's been a while since this came up, and while there are options out there, i accidentally yellowed the crotch of a pair of pants with a particular brand/formulation of iodine spray which has turned out not to be good for my skin [sticking with my usual brand, thanks] and stained my skin for days.

the brand is Battles and the formulation is Iodine and Potassium Iodide in Propan-2-ol.

anyway, inspired, i decided to try it on a pair of unused pants as i wasn't too sure if the combination of skin oil, creams and soaps hadn't made the other pants readier to take up a stain.
the results:
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straight after staining and still a bit brown.

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washed and dried. it should become more subtle after a few wears and washes.

one thing to note is the fumes given off during staining. i think that next time i'll do it outside and whilst wearing a mask with charcoal filters.
Care must be taken when dealing with ordinary cleaning agents and chemicals.
The usual cavet "to test in an inconspicuous place before dunking the clothing
in for the full enchilada". Very important one not mess with ammonia and bleach
together. Not being into chemicals except to blow up high school chemistry labs
in my youth. LOL! Hope someone can explain what Potassium Iodide (in propan-2-ol)
and Iodine has on the exposure to vinyl which is I think a petroleum (plastic)
man made material ? Chemistry wise there are chemicals that eat vinyl plastic
and then there are others that have no effect.
Also urine although it is a sterile byproduct of the body when exposed to air and
other materials it no longer has those properties.
It is no longer a matter of I wonder where the yellow went -but- I wonder where
the yellow came from AND WHY !
AND those fumes directs me to think mixing toxic chemicals reacting together.
Be careful with what you do !
I wonder if this will deteriorate the vinyl? It doesn't tolerate much abuse.
I've wanted to dye plastic pants for years with Rit dye. I just haven't had the time or available materials to do it. When I say materials, I believe I would need a large pot (one not used for cooking) to boil the dye in water and place the pants in. I know Robert at Changing Times dyes his pants.

My wife dyed some of my pants accidentally years ago to a pink. She had fun with that one.
I wonder if this will deteriorate the vinyl? It doesn't tolerate much abuse.

they did stiffen whilst still wet with solvent (naturally: physics blah-blah), but they were as supple as ever afterwards. we'll see how they hold up after several wears and washes.
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