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I was just wondering how many people use to go to the site DPF (Diaper Pail and friends) and maybe they member the name there.
mine was
I went to the site, but I only bought their products. Even that was pretty grudging but they were about the only game in town. I wasn't in a place in my life where I was ready to share enough personal information to register anywhere and the sense I got from the place didn't do anything to reduce those concerns.
Nope. Always got a weird vibe from them. May have been nothing to it, but something about them just turned me off.
Nope, by the time I got online around 2001, they were not as big as the were in the days of BBS, I always thought they would eventually crash.
I used to go to their site to read posts and products, but like Trevor, I wasn't at a place in my life to make an account. In fact, this is the only place I have an account regarding AB/DL.
I read many of their stories and bought some of their products. I did look at some of the posts but I didn't participate in the discussions very much (I don't remember if I had an account or not).

As an old-timer, DPF was one of the first websites I find letting me know I wasn't alone.
I visited DPF a few times, but didn't get involved at all, nor did I buy anything. At the time, I was in the fragile early stages of self-acceptance, and the crotch shots and stories there were a turn-off. Perhaps ironically, though I count diapers as a part of my sexuality, I've never really enjoyed sexualized conversation about them. But that was par for the course in the 90's; all the AB/DL sites, the Usenet groups, etc., were drowning in sex. I guess that's what happens when several generations of diaper fetishists suddenly realize, in unison, that they aren't the only ones.
ADISC was the first adult baby site I ever visited, although I did hover about SissyKiss for a while before joining ADISC. So unfortunately not me.
My second ABDL site after wetset.
I had been on their site a few times, but never bought anything
their prices seamed high to me.
I subscribed to DPF in the eighties when it was nothing but a newsletter. Back then it was the place for “connecting with” AB/DL’s of all persuasions.
I visited their site in the late 1990s and early 2000s. There wasn't really any choice at the time, you got DPF if you looked for adult baby diaper related searches on the Internet. They had some good stuff. I remember a great story on their forums called "Forever a Child" by, I think the author was Strawberry Angel, that I thought was really sweet (good enough that I still remember it years later).

A lot of the photos and other content creeped me out though, and I never bought anything from them or made an account. I stuck to very selective browsing.
Wow, I haven't heard of that place for a while.
I used to browse/lurk there now and then, bit was afraid to make a account.
Was afraid I would get super weird ppl wanting to talk to me,
or the kind who were into the parts I was not into.

As ArchiRoni mentioned, some the pics is what made me lurk,
and not want to sign up.

I did not know much about others being into it, was glad there
was others who were into it, tho was afraid to get involved in it.

I remember at that time visiting that place on my Dreamcast web browser, and a old old computer on dial up.
DPF was my first online experience with AB/DL. For better or for worse. I never joined because for the most part, the subject matter was too pedophilic and homosexual in nature for me. Tommy, who ran the site was an interesting person. This didn't prevent me from spending a lot of time there.

There was a pretty good story section. Spent hours there. I still have a bunch of stories that I downloaded.

I also spent a lot of time in the link section. It was huge. Literally hundreds of categorized links. He even had a 'live rating' feature that gave you a good idea where to go.

The best memory was here was the site of my first online purchase. Cloth diapers and plastic pants ( original Gerber style). I loved these things. Too bad they didn't survive a purge a few years later. Damn purges.
This is blowing my own horn, but I was the one that contacted Tommy of DPF when I was a "Teen Baby" and I am responsible for why he added a teen baby section and chat to the site.

(Me and Tommy spoke through E-mail back in the day.)

I still have friends I met through AOL that are adult babies / Diaper Lovers.

EDIT: As a side note, the current jerk that owns the domain name DPF.com has it set at a minimum purchase price of 20,000 dollars. I am NOT making this up.
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I became aware of DPF when it was winding down. I visited the site a few times, and then it was gone.
I belonged to DPF. I bought some things from them and enjoyed the stories. I met a few and even got to ahve a couple of real time meetings. That was a lifetime ago.:smile1:
I was a member back then. Also bought clothes and more of them. I
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