Diaper Retreat

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I'm sure this isn't an original thought...maybe they exist and am too new to know. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a place to diaper vacation much like nudists have their nudist colonies/retreats? Anybody know of any?
The best place to start is with local AB/DL clubs/groups. Not sure which part of the world you are based, but there is bound to be something not too far away.

These groups organize regular social events, and often also AB/DL themed weekends or vacations. Camping trips, beach trips, ski trips.. I have seen many of these mentioned.

Perhaps let us know which country you are in and people can offer local suggestions.

They exist. I'm going on one 5 days from now actually. I am not at liberty to give out details at this time because of confidentiality agreements though. I can give you more information later though I think.
People do events, they are usually kept within circles though for fairly obvious reasons.
Mostly you need to find local public events to get to know people. Once you establish trust, you can find out about private events and planned trips, like retreats.
As said, they do exist. I had always thought that the diapered retreat would be one of the best ways to meet/greet, and maybe put me much further in touch with my regressive side (which has been forced into the background by adult DL realities). I mean, if a person could go, and really regress for a week, or so, wouldn't that be the best vacation in the world??? The concept of $$$ always plays into it, though, and you'd never know if you were going to get your money's-worth, unless you participated, at which time it might be too late to get your money back, if things went awry, or it was hosted by con-artists / rip-off artists (of which the world is full of, especially in sexually-charged circles).

For the best bang, for your buck, it's probably still best to take control of it all, and go camping somewhere remote enough to enjoy, regress, and be safe from freeloaders. Even better if you can do that in small numbers, as in, a few special friends, out for the weekend, diapers & all.
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