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    accepted... I've not been worthy of your friendship and persistence in kindness and concern... I appreciate it all the same -Thank you!

    I've had, and continue to have every confidence in you... and your finding your way... what would help me most is knowing that you are finding your way, even when it gets a bit tough...

    I'm getting by, mostly due to external circumstances... I'll be a lot better when I work up the nerve and financial basis to just quit my stupid job.
    I think I came off at a bad start for the kid who wanted to hurt himself. I felt bad even saying stuff like that so I came to apologize :p
    Im probably banned, thanks for reaching out to be a friend, no one else did.
    Never realized you had posed a question :p

    I have no idea about any of them, I am too small to fit into any of those; so I can't wear them :(
    Well that is a great idea I mean at least that way you're sure you get what you want to say down proper
    Welcome my friend and like you said no one ever plans to get caught up in or dealing with such tragic things.But at least you're willing to give them a chance to keep a relationship with you because I know I wouldn't and I doubt anyone else would blame you if you just outright cut off all connections with them.So it's very nice and adult of you to at least give them one last chance.
    Hey I don't blame you I mean they have driven you to almost killing yourself and tormented you for a long time I imagine.And I mean while family is an important thing I see no point in family if all they do is hurt you and drive you mad all the time because that isn't what family is for family is all about being there for each other and supporting one another no matter what happens and it honestly doesn't sound like your parents realize just what they did and still think what they did was right and if all they are gonna do is drag you down in ways that are unhealthy for you then you're in the right to cut them off.
    Really well that is kinda ironic that their actions are what give you the motivation to potentially cut ties with them
    Oh I completely see what you mean I mean this is one of those things you have to fully commit to doing and not do a half assed job on it and I really hope that you are able to keep a relationship with your parents at the end of all this
    Wow well I'm sorry to hear that I wish they would just take the time to shut up and listen to you because it seems that they are more interested in running their mouths about what they think about you rather than listening to what you have to say about your life.I hope they listen to you and you're able to mend the bridges and have a good relationship
    Well my family is pretty much the exact same way as yours in this regard and the only reason I havn't told them certain stuff like this is because at this point in my life I still have to live with my parents and since them knowing aspects like that could put my living situation into unknown territory and I don't wanna risk rocking the preverbal boat till I have a place of my own to live where them knowing won't effect my living situation.

    Well I see what you mean and if I am reading everything correctly I'm not like that because I'm not letting them define me I'm just not exposing my all of my true colors to them because at this point I can't because if I did show my true colors I wouldn't have anywhere to live because I'm gay and a AB/DL and they wouldn't approve of either and I already know that being gay alone would be an automatic kicking out of my parents house.So I'm just withholding certain facts from them while being as much of myself as possible
    Well it's great that you realized it and aren't making a ton of excuses about how you aren't or it isn't possible.And I think almost all AB/DL experience some level of fear about it for whatever reason personally mine is just a fear of how may family will react because my family is set in its ways and stepping outside the line is bad and I'm already far enough outside my family's lines as it is but I have people who know and don't care I'm a AB/DL

    Well from what I understand you being starved for this for so long and finally being able to accept it is a great thing and you're embracing it as much as possible.I do it personally as therapy and fun because I've always had a childish type mind so while I grew up and got smarter and "mature" I still kept my childish attitude and the therapy part is because I had an accident at eight that gave me a unique form of seizure that went unknown till I was 16 and my kind of seizures effect my memories by erasing them.
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