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Hey guys so I was doing some research on the internet looking for discreet/ convertible ways to have a "adult crib" that's not a million dollars. I found the inflatable crib but the reviews weren't great. Also what I really wanted was something akin to children's bed rails that you could put under the mattress but would just go all the way around the bed? Do you know if anything like that exists? I also tried looking in adult bed rails (like for the elderly) but no such luck, but I feel like that's mostly because I'm not quite sure what to look for? I'd appreciate any input ya'll have! :)
I heard that the inflatable crib from awwsocute didn't do so well, I think the quality of the material and the pump were a bit of an issue. There is a guy that makes a disassemble crib, just a bunch of wooden parts you can put together and take apart in like half an hour. This was the thread I heard about it on,!

and this is the crib,!
I had one custom made, it's not one you can take apart and make look like a normal bed but he makes those too. My crib and mattress with shipping was well under $1000, I can post some pics & send you his contact info if you'd like.
Hmm, I know one crib where say that you could disassemble and re-assemble it quickly because you only have 8 screws/bolts.
I don't think that you can do this to often, I mean, it's just wood and some metal parts...

With a colorless paint and without a mattress you would pay 538,-€ plus 126,-€ in Germany (out of Germany I only got an 404 Error) = 664,-€ would be about 750$
Maybe the 750$ plus another 100$ should be enough for shipping I think, but I can't tell you exactly.

Get a home complex rehab bed like mine it's just an adult crib, padded bumper all around the mattress , padded full bed rails, it is electric so it can be dropped to the floor and be low or raised high to make it easier for my aide to change me, and the head & foot sections can be set at any angle desired, you can usually find these. beds cheap or free on the net after a loved one dies they just want it gone

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I got an extra long bed rail from Regalo a long time ago. You can find them online from various retailers - had mine shipped to the local Walmart for nothing extra. My bed was in a corner at the time so it was close enough. they have short double sided ones but you can probably stack the singles without too much trouble.
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