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I was looking down at my shoes and I noticed how pretty and childish my shoes looked along with pale blue ankle socks, pink shoes, grey leggings and a blue and white striped dress.


What are your childish clothing choices?
i love my white ankle boots and bit satin pouffy dresses with in side bunches high up and ribbons..always
I love wearing shorts with a comfy hooded sweatshirt and tube socks with sneakers. It's always a bonus when the socks have cute designs and bright colors on them. I have no idea why that makes me feel little, but it does the trick.
Hehe right now I'm wearing combat boots but I'm just a big dangerous toddler.
almost all my clothing choices are kinda childish haha! my friends know me as the girl who loves pink so basically everything i own is adorable. even my purse is pink with polka dots. i wear a lot of flower prints and hearts and frilly things on a daily basis so it's not unusual for me!
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