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  • Thankyou sweetheart...yes i love caring for everyone....and also love dressing myself too but i do love being a momma or mummy first and foremost..what would you like to know? im not very interesting but will do my best to answer anything you ask ..hugs xxx
    Greetings momma,
    I can feels the great sense of carer from yourself and I glad to see person like you here,
    Thank you for welcomed me, I hope can know more about you.

    Awww i didnt think for a minute you were sweetheart...would be an honour if you did but depends where in the world you are ..i would love to be momma to any baby that would like one depending on their needs ..hurts to see that some never experience having a momma or to know what it feels like to have that bond with somebody that they can trust hugs xxxx
    It depends where you are sweetheart....i have only been mommy to a close AB i cared for deeply and to one other that was a friend not as a job but i think if you look on the sites and forums you will find one but your best momma would be one that you love in a relationship so you have that special bond between each other and understanding. I personally think you would get more from that than a paid momma that is doing a job..there are special meets for ABs that you could go to if you keep a look out on the forums and you may find one there that switches from AB to momma and also you switch from AB to daddy so you both get the best of both ..hugs xx
    Well, I was wondering if you were an ab mommy and if you had any advice on finding a monmy?
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