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I know it has been discussed before, but not recently so I'll start a new thread. Does anyone have a car seat, and especially this one (the new version of the frontier 90 by britax)?

The cost is ridiculous for a novelty product, but as a smaller adult it is very tempting to want to try one of these things out. 5 point harness for kids up to 90 lbs and 58 inches tall, booster seat for 120 lbs and 62 inches tall. It seams almost big enough for an adult.
That sure does look like a tidy ride. Arm rests, drink holders, I bet it even has USB ports lol.
I have this Britax Frontier 90 in onyx. Being approximately 64 inches tall, I'm a bit too big for it, so I had to loosen the belt past the normal adjusting point. Also, when I sit in it, my shoulders bunch up against the sidewalls. It's definitely not something that I would actually use on the road. I just sit in it when I'm in the mood at home.
Columbia Medical Spirit APS carseat image.jpg with image.jpg seat depth extension, image.jpg extra viscoelastic foam padding, & image.jpg buckle guard, would be a dream, for those who want a carseat. Up to 5'6" 130 lbs. Make sure to get 2 tethers! If your vehicle was made before 2002, you'll need a bolt-on tether. The extra viscoelastic foam padding & bolt-on tether are available at, An IC cover is also available from The seat, seat depth extension, & buckle guard can either be bought from especialneeds, or adaptive mall.
The Columbia Medical Spirit APS with seat extender is what we have installed in the backseat of my mommy's car. I installed a bolt-on tether anchor rated for up to 160lbs. The installation is very secure and the seat is plenty comfortable (I'm just shy of 5'4") for short and long car trips.
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