"Best" cloth diapers?

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So, I'm looking at getting some new cloth diapers -
Must be Velcro, as pinning diapers on by yourself is a massive pain.

I currently have the below:
Pin-on style - Annoying

OK for the price. Polyester wadding, so a little strange when whet (read: wet pillow).

Like wearing a balloon. Right size waist and legs, but so much cloth. With plastic pants gets creases and is not as comfortable as they could be

PUL outer, bamboo fabric. As it is a pocket diaper, dries really fast. - Best choice if buying locally (NZ), discreet shipping

Is there another option I should look at - I got 3 last week, delivered in 7 days, comfortable, solid closing

What brands have I missed that I should look at before getting more dependico diapers?
I've wanted to check out pre-fold diapers myself but love my Dependecos. I'm not familiar with any of these and don't have many outside sources.

Not sure if they ship to NZ our outside the states, but Angelsbest on Ebay has some nice Velcro cloth diapers too. About as much as a Dependeco and they're made to order.
okram said:
So, I'm looking at getting some new cloth diapers -
Must be Velcro, as pinning diapers on by yourself is a massive pain.

I currently have the below:
Pin-on style - Annoying

Well, before you give up on your CTDC diapers--they're my personal favorites, and I actually like pinning--perhaps you'd consider using them in a pocket diaper? Here's a somewhat popular option along those lines: http://snap-ez.com/Shopping.html

Dependeco also has a pocket diaper option, but with Velcro instead of snaps, so that may be more your thing: http://dependeco-adult-diapers.com/catalog.php?category=4

And you should also know that pins aren't the only way to fasten pin-on cloth diapers. :) There are Snappis, and the far more adult-ready Boingos: http://changingtimesdiaperco.com/products.php?cat=45
...if you care enough to give those prefolds a second shot, anyway.

AIOs are great if you just have to have something disposable-like, however as most long-time cloth-wearers will tell you, the absorbent part of a cloth diaper will usually far outlast any waterproof cover. As a parent who cloth-diapered his baby-babies, I can attest to this. Of course, that was with constant use. YMMV.

okram said:
I've got the Snappis, I just can't seem to get them.. comfortable :/

Honestly, how adults manage to use Snappis is still something of a mystery to me. They're so small, and just not stretchy enough for adult diapers unless you oversize your diapers or use one Snappi per side--which defeats the purpose, IMO. As I said above, Boingos are much more adult-friendly.

But anyway...

You don't have to use pins to wear prefold cloth diapers. Do a Google Search for Snappi fasteners, and Boingo fasteners. Those are two great alternative to diaper pins.
I like pin-on cloth diapers also. Very easy to adjust for the correct fit, and stays in place. Have tried velcro, but it eventually wears out and you end up using pins anyway. When my little brother was wearing diapers, mom bought us both some "DiDee clips", which worked ok on him but when I was active they often slipped off.
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I wear white BabyPants cloth, but I also have some fun all in ones. My favorite is a Diego pattern. My AIO diapers were bought on eBay, but I don't recall the brand name. I use PUL plastic pants.
I quite like the look of the Freestyle Maxi Briefs:

I got interested in them as there was someone selling them on ebay UK but they got snapped up and he didn't have any more so never got one! Has anyone tried these / can review for me?
They sound quite interesting.
sambus said:
I quite like the look of the Freestyle Maxi Briefs:

Thanks for this link! I'd wanted to order one of these from Rearz, but Rearz won't export them. I really like the look of them too--very baby, possibly because Freestyle is an outgrowth of the Kushies baby diaper company.
Hi Okram, bit of feedback about the Incocare night briefs. I've been using them with the microfiber stuffers, only at night though. They end up being quite thick (read impossible to walk properly). They ship really soft and fluffy, after a few washes the padding seems to shrink up and go a bit stiff... I might be washing them wrong, but they still work fine. Be cautious when washing, the velcro gets a bit weak over time. I think I'd prefer snaps for longevity.
Yeah, they do work.
I've had mine for about 2 years (holy crap, time flies)
Worn and washed probably once a week, minimum
For the price they are pretty good, but, want to splurge a bit :)

I have found Boingos locally (http://www.nappyheaven.co.nz/boingo), so I'm going to buy a few of those and try again with the prefolds.
The best Velcro diapers are the from cloth adultdiapers.com. The reason they are the best is because the material on the inside that touches your skin is Gauze. most Velcro diapers use flannel or some other other cloth material.
At this point I'm of the conclusion that prefolds are the best choice. As convenient as all in ones, velcro fitted, snap on or pull ups are, they just don't give the same performance, ease of washing and durability.
I realize this thread is a week old, but figured I'd chime in.

I'm new to the cloth diaper thing, so I really can't compare them to anything, but I recently ordered one of these on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Teen-Adult-...r-ABDL-/281735285533?var=&hash=item4198bb4b1d

Service and shipping was very quick, and they shipped discretely. Fit feels pretty good to me, and I ordered one of the nighttime boosters to add to it. So far I have not had an issue with any leaking. Cleaning was no problem, just threw them in the wash and they dried in the same amount of time as a regular load of laundry would. It looks like they're starting to go out of stock on fabrics, but it is worth keeping an eye on. I've seen them update in the past (when they came out with the "Little Monster" print, I just couldn't resist trying). Plus, the price is hard to beat.

I've also been really interested in trying these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/All-In-One-...chwork-/171869899507?var=&hash=item28043e8af3

They look really nice, and I love the prints they have available (if you look under the seller there is a good variety). I just don't want to shell out that amount of money, and I'm not sure how I feel about the long dry time I hear comes with AIO's. Very, very tempting though.
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